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  • Lady Falcons Fall Short of Winning League Playoff Game

    Lady Falcons Fall Short of Winning League Playoff Game

    by Nolan Grejda The Lady Falcons, coached by Dan Reichenbach and Megan Basile, traveled to Northwestern on February 23rd to hopefully win a playoff game in the Colonial League. The Falcons hoping for an upset, they had fallen short, ending their playoff run before it had started. The Lady Falcons took the court to play…

  • Twirling Competition Season Begins

    Twirling Competition Season Begins

    By Gabriella Lozada Pictured: Twirlers attended an escape room as a team bonding activity. Photo courtesy of Emma Kichline In the beginning of November, all the Salisbury twirlers unite for tryouts for the winter competition season. The twirlers are split into two teams based on their ability and grade. This year there are 12 girls…

  • Falcon Basketball Season Struggles

    Falcon Basketball Season Struggles

    By Justin Burkhardt The high school basketball season has just about reached the mid way point. As such, let’s take a look at the Salisbury High School Falcons season so far.

  • Falcon Football Wrap-Up

    Falcon Football Wrap-Up

    By Tyler Cramsey The Salisbury Falcons’ football season has come to an end. The 2-8 record comes as an extreme disappointment to the team and especially the leaving seniors. The Falcons ended the year on a 4 game losing streak losing to Northern Lehigh, Bangor, Palmerton, and Southern Lehigh. Their two wins came against Wilson…

  • Girls’ Soccer Takes on Districts

    Girls’ Soccer Takes on Districts

    By Justin Burkhardt Girls’ soccer looks to move past an embarrassing defeat last week to Southern Lehigh and prepare for a tough district’s road ahead of them. Last week’s blunder was due to a misunderstanding of how a tie would affect the league standings. It was an awkward moment for Salisbury girls soccer after the…

  • Wrapping Up Boys’ Soccer

    Wrapping Up Boys’ Soccer

    By Tyler Cramsey The Salisbury Falcon boys soccer team’s season has officially came to an end. Their season ended early when they failed to make districts and leagues with a 4-8 league record. They were all expecting better this year and were disappointed not to get to the .500 winning percentage they needed to continue…

  • NBA Free Agency Recap

    By Tyler Cramsey With the NBA offseason coming to the end there is much to talk about in another year of crazy free agency signings. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest movers in free agency:

  • Notre Dame Clips the Falcons’ Wings

    By Justin Burkhardt The Salisbury Falcons Varsity football team went to Notre Dame this past Friday to take on the 3-1, now 4-1, Crusaders. It was a rough night for the Falcons, playing with limited starting players due to a plethora of injuries that has riddled the Falcon starting lineup. The remaining healthy Falcon players…

  • Falcons’ Fancy Footwork

    Falcons’ Fancy Footwork

    By Haroula Barbounis As September closes, Salisbury High School is in full swing with their soccer season. For the boys soccer team, the varsity team has won a home game against Pine Grove, a home game against Notre Dame, and an away game against Northern Lehigh, making it altogether three victories. Junior varsity recently won…