By Haroula Barbounis and Gabi Lozada

Your mother is one of the most important people in your life. And even if you hadn’t been able to experience that luxury, you must read some of these poems to see how others see their mother and how mothers see them. This list of poems is great to share with your mother or to simply lift your spirits on this coming Mother’s Day. Be sure to show some appreciation to your mother or any loved motherly figure in your life. These strong women truly make a difference in people’s lives.

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By Tyler Cramsey

Avengers Endgame was an amazing spectacle of a movie. It was a thrilling ending to the Infinity Saga of Marvel. Without spoiling anything the way it ends brings almost everyone’s story arc back full circle and give an agreeable conclusion to each character (that will no longer continue). This movie really helps to emphasize the end in Endgame.

As National Poetry Month draws to a close, enjoy the following playlist of poems for every mood or occasion. 

By Haroula Barbounis and Gabriella Lozada

From sadness to joy, from love to heartbreak, this poetry playlist has practically every kind poem you may need for any type of feeling. From personalities like Maya Angelou and Robert Frost to lesser-known but still exemplary writers such as Linda Ori and Pat Mora, we bring you the perfect poetry playlist to enjoy at any occasion.