Taylor Swift declares herself dead on her new album “Reputation”

 By Jack Kubinec

After not releasing an album for three years, Taylor Swift made a striking entrance back into mainstream music. Reputation is no doubt the largest album release in 2017, selling 1.2 million copies in the US, and 2 million copies worldwide. This could be because of the symbolistic killing of her old self, representing herself a snake, and coming to her senses of her big reputation, but either way it created something different for Swift.

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Zodiac Signs Dec. 11th  to Dec. 18th

By Josie Du Bois


Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) Use your optimism to get you through the long weeks before break! Although you’re impatient, you succeed at distracting yourself in the toughest situations, whether through a long work day or waiting in line at the DMV. Use your tactics and Christmas will be here before you know it. Spend time with your family on the holidays and appreciate the love and emotional support.

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The End of the Internet as We Know It

By Patrick To

Can we all just take a moment here to look at what Ajit Pai did? The Federal communications commission, with Pai as their chair, is destroying the internet that we all know and love. The FCC is an independent agency of the US government, and its job is to regulate interstate communications (radio, tv, etc.), but their decision may directly affect your life.

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Love Advice: Teenage Marriage

Love advice makes its second year debut in the library. Everyone is free to submit questions or concerns that may arise in a relationship, and submitting said questions or concerns is easy! You can submit concerns either in the library, or via the online submission box below. All submissions are anonymous, and we respond to them as often as we get them!

This week’s question:

“Hi I’m 16 & my boyfriend and I are ready to get married but my parents are being mean and won’t let me. What should I do? Please help, thanks.”

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