Camila Cabello makes a striking debut on her emotionally led debut album, Camila

By Jack Kubinec

Since leaving the world renowned girl group Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has turned pop superstar. She’s topped the charts and performed at some of the worlds biggest venues, all before the release of her debut solo album Camila. With her #1 hit Havana and #1 album Camila, it helped her become the third female to ever reach both number one on the single charts and album charts simultaneously since Beyoncé in 2003 and Britney Spears in 1999.  Originally titled The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving, Camila describes her struggle from pain to joy. Although the only pain notable to her audience is leaving one of the worlds biggest girl groups and the drama that followed, there is much more she opens up about that was behind closed doors.. Continue reading “Camila Cabello makes a striking debut on her emotionally led debut album, Camila”

Another Baby from the Kardashian/Jenner Family

by Rylee Yerkes

Super Bowl LII is not the only thing that the media has been raving about. Kylie Jenner, reality T.V. star and owner of Kylie Cosmetics, announced to the public on the same day as the super bowl that she had a baby girl. Fans were happy to see her posting again; she’s been missing from social media for the past few months, and didn’t make an appearance on the family’s Christmas card.

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World Champions

by Colten Hagadus

58 years it has been since Philadelphia has seen its football team on top. That changed last weekend when the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl 52. It has been truly a cinderella season for the Eagles as most analysts did not pick them to finish above 4th in the NFC East. The team silenced the critics by starting the season on a 12-1 run and ended up finishing the season 13-3. The adversity surrounding the team was sky high as they were plagued by monstrous injuries that seemingly should have ended their season. When a team’s starting quarterback, left tackle, and middle linebacker go down, you are left with backups at the sport’s most important positions. This did not seem to phase the Eagles as they used the “next man up” mentality and made sure they did their job on every play.

Projected to lose every game they played in the playoffs, the Eagles dug deep and grinded out wins against the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings. They embraced being the underdogs in ways that really connected the players with its fan base. Fans got tattoos as “underdog” t-shirts, masks, and hats promoted by players Lane Johnson and Chris Long. The slogan “Dilly Dilly” which first appeared in a Bud Light commercial really caught on in the Philadelphia market. “Dilly Dilly” changed to “Philly Philly” as even Bud Light embraced it as they promised free beer to Philadelphia if they won the Super Bowl. Turns out they had to follow through with their promise because the Eagles sacked Tom Brady with 2:16 left in the game to go on and win the Super Bowl. Nick Foles won MVP and Nelson Agholor came away with 9 catches. However, no one made a bigger play in the game than Brandon Graham. The whole game was an offensive shootout with neither team’s defense being able to make a stand. Graham then changed the complexion of the game by shocking the world by making the biggest strip sack of his life.

The storybook season finally came to an end after the closing speeches on a sunny but brisk Thursday in downtown Philadelphia. The parade was a great success as Eagles center Jason Kelce gave arguably the greatest speech in sports history. Philadelphia really came together this week as people from all generations were able to celebrate this special victory.


Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Jack Kubinec

Following the release of his fifth studio album Man of the Woods, Justin Timberlake took one of the biggest performances of his career at Super Bowl LII. He stepped out to perform a medley of his biggest hits, as everyone sang along. Although it had mixed reviews, overall the performance was good…keyword good. Although Justin is a phenomenal singer and dancer, his performance lacked something many people in the audience were waiting for, originality. All he did was sing and dance and walk through the crowd multiple times. This may of been because he was the follow up to Lady Gaga’s phenomenal halftime show, or even what he was wearing. Continue reading “Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show”

The Biggest Stage in All of Sports

By Colten Hagadus

This year marks the 52nd Super Bowl in NFL history. It is must see TV, as it brings almost 111 million Americans together for the television event. It is also the one football game per year that produces the most unique commercials and an always-dazzling 30 minute half time show. This year the game is being played by the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. It is certainly a tale of two different teams, as the Patriots have already won five Super Bowls, while the Eagles have made two Super Bowl appearances, but haven’t walked away with a win in either case.

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