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  • What is The Point of Cancel Culture?

    What is The Point of Cancel Culture?

    By: Livi Cudd In today’s pop culture, the term ‘Cancel Culture’ seems to be used whenever a celebrity gets massive amounts of hate. By this point, we all have an idea of what Cancel Culture is in our society, but according to Merriam-Webster’s definition, Cancel Culture is “the mass withdrawal of support from public figures…

  • Last Twirl to Wildwood: Salisbury Twirlers

    Seniors, Mia Bernard, Izzy Gualano, and Alexis Stroble twirl at their last home competition. Alongside many other teammates, such as Haylee Leayman, the twirlers saved their best show for last. The Salisbury twirlers leave for Wildwood on Thurdsay, May 4 and stay till Sunday, May 7 to compete in their biggest competion of the season. Best of…

  • Exclusive: Opening Night of FRIEND

    Exclusive: Opening Night of FRIEND

    Written By: Destynie Lichtenwalner FRIEND is a short film that was created and produced by Salisbury High School’s junior, Charlie Morton. This being Morton’s latest project, the provoking short film is bound to be celebrated.  FRIEND is exclusively primering Friday, April 28, 2023 in the Salisbury High School auditorium.  The film focuses on and explores…

  • 15 Win!

    15 Win!

    -Girls Basketball Senior Night- Photos By – Destynie Lichtenwalner Friday, January 27 highlighted Girls Basketball Senior Night. Senior, Hannah Kamp, can be seen here walking with her parents. Senior, Angela Bitar, was key when making great passes between her teammates to score a basket.  The starting line up consists of numbers 5, 13, 14, 21,…

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    Dear Unfiltered, Should I get a job and quit football or keep playing football but not get a job? ~Conflicted Dear Conflicted,  Ah, the age-old question; to football, or not to football. One of the biggest questions posed to the playwright lovers of the 1600s. Shakespeare definitely knew what he was talking about.  Sports are…

  • Salisbury Sports Trivia

    Salisbury Sports Trivia On Friday the 26th the winners will be put into a lottery and the name picked gets a sweet prize.

  • Maya & Stella: Lists and Reviews 

    Maya & Stella: Lists and Reviews 

    Best Study Habits For Upcoming Tests By: Stella Strickland and Maya Afif Finding good study habits can be difficult. If you are struggling with finding great techniques with suitable outcomes, read this list! Maya and I have used all of these strategies which have helped us each time.  Put your phone to the side! At…



  • Returning to a “Normal” School Year?

    Returning to a “Normal” School Year?

    By: Alex Miller COVID-19 had a huge impact on all of the world. Something it truly affected was schools. Students went from going into school 5 days a week, with that being normal, to no school at all. In spring of 2020, Salisbury decided to take virtual school a different way for each grade. For…

  • King Kone & The Jungle Kafe VS. Ice Cream World

    By: Abigail Christman King Kone & the Jungle Kafe is an ice cream parlor that has a jungle theme located in Whitehall, PA. They have homemade waffle cones and many different ice cream flavors. King Kone & the Jungle Kafe is usually known as “King Kone.” King Kone is located at 5503 MacArthur Road, Whitehall,…