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What We Can’t Get Away With Anymore

By Mallory Wood

These are just some examples of what students could publish (in the yearbook) in the past that we could never be able to pull off now. These pictures show how times have changed and what we could not take pictures anymore because the amounts of rules and the thought of keeping it appropriate. They may not be that horrible, but If you think about it, the pictures shown would never fly now and days in our yearbook.


Boys Basketball Preview

By Dylan Belletiere

Coming off a successful 21-6 season from last year, I, along with everyone else are excited for this upcoming season. The captains of the team, Dylan Belletiere, Tevon Weber, and Chad Cooperman are looking forward to leading the team to a championship. Even though athleticism was lost from last year, a lot of size and shooters have been added to the team. The team consists of numerous shooters (Chad Cooperman, Blake Jones, Ryan Slutsky) and solid post players (Tev Weber, Jaxon Costello). Dylan Belletiere and Jack Reichenbach will often penetrate into the paint and look to kick out to the post players or shooters. Everyone on this team is a threat, which is one of the many strengths that will lead Salisbury to some wins. The season opener is tonight, December 4th, against Blue Mountain at 5:00PM.

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