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Leagues Shows Local Talent

By Ian Carson

The annual Track and Field League Championship was held at Whitehall High School on Tuesday May 10th, and Wednesday May 11th. The championship consisted of many individuals all over the Lehigh Valley including Colonial League and EPC teams. Each event was divided among boys and girls, as well as Colonial League and EPC schools. Many talented Salisbury track and field athletes were qualified for regionals.

Although it was a very competitive meet, some Salisbury athletes were able to achieve a medal in their events. Freshman Rylee Donaldson took second place in the 400 meter dash with a time of 1:00.53. Senior Tevon Weber took first place in Javelin with a throw of 179-07. Senior Lindsay Bauer took first in the triple jump with 37-10.75, and broke the Colonial League record set back in 1978 by Catasauqua’s Lori James. Bauer also took first in the long jump with a distance of 18-05.75, and broke her own colonial league record for the third year in a row. Sophomore Jack Reichenbach took second in the long jump with a distance of 21-04.50 (.25 inches away from the first place jumper), and third in high jump with a height of 6’2”.

However, despite Salisbury’s impressive performance, there were other individuals who had a successful afternoon. In particular, Notre Dame’s Greg Lauray, a junior, was a first-time high jumper this spring season. His first meet ever, which took place at Wilson on March 31st, Lauray broke the previous colonial league record of 6’9” by jumping 6’10”. This was unbelievable to witnesses since it was his first year ever high jumping. Salisbury’s jumping coach, Daniel Reichenbach, was one of the people in awe. “He is a natural athlete with natural arch in his back.” Many high jumpers take years to develop the correct form by getting the crucial arch when jumping over the bar. For Lauray, it came naturally. He was the only jumper left in Wednesday afternoon’s championship meet. He got over 6’8” easily and continued increasing the height. His goal was to jump at least 7’. He cleared 7’ on the first attempt causing the crowed much excitement. The bar was at 7’1” which was the state record for high school high jumpers. He cleared it on his first attempt. The crowd was in shock.

Lauray was unable to clear 7’2”, but undoubtedly won first place. Greg Lauray is now ranked sixth in the nation, first in the state of Pennsylvania, tied the state record for high jump, and is the number one junior high jumper in the nation. A couple months ago, he was hesitant to participate in high jump. And now, Lauray will be a closely monitored competitor in states.

Track and Field League Meet Preview

By Lindsay Bauer

The 2016 Colonial League Track and Field Championships are once again being held at Whitehall High School from Tuesday May 10th to Wednesday May 11th. The Falcons have a number of athletes representing Salisbury High School at the event. Many of the SHS sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers, throwers, and vaulters should have a strong showing at this year’s contest.

The girls 100 meter hurdle preliminary races will go off at 4:20 on Tuesday, May 10th. Junior Kyra Bruns is seeded 19th, and junior Noemi VonHolden is seeded 23rd. The finals will be held at 3:00 on Wednesday, May 11th. The boys 110 meter hurdle preliminary races will go off at 4:35 on Tuesday, May 10th. Senior Adam Smith is seeded 19th, and junior Bryce Kimmey is seeded 21st. The finals will be held at 3:05 on Wednesday, May 11th.

The girls 100 meter dash preliminaries will go off at 3:00 on Tuesday, May 10th. Sophomore Marisa Jones is seeded 15th. The finals will be held at 3:10 on Wednesday, May 11th. The boys 100 meter dash preliminaries will go off at 3:15 on Tuesday, May 10th. Junior Eric Frankenfield is seeded 8th, and senior Adam Smith is seeded 23rd. The finals will be held at 3:15 on Wednesday, May 11th.

The girls 200 meter dash preliminaries will go off at 5:45 on Tuesday, May 10th. Freshman Rylee Donaldson is seeded 15th. The finals will be held at 6:45 on Wednesday, May 11th. The boys 200 meter dash preliminaries will go off at 6:00 on Tuesday, May 10th. Junior Eric Frankenfield is seeded 10th. The finals will be held at 6:50 on Wednesday, May 11th.

The girls 300 meter hurdle race will go off at 6:20 on Tuesday, May 10th. Junior Kyra Bruns is seeded 7th. The boys 300 meter hurdle race will go off at 6:35 on Tuesday, May 10th. Junior Zachary Stringer is seeded 17th, and senior Adam Smith is seeded 24th.

The girls 400 meter dash will go off at 5:30 on Wednesday, May 11th. Freshman Rylee Donaldson is seeded 4th.

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Falcons Track Competes at Allen Invitational

By Lindsay Bauer

Beginning Friday at 1:30 p.m at J. Birney Crum Stadium, members of the Salisbury High School track and field team will be participating in the annual Allentown School District Invitational. Thirty-one teams from Lehigh, Carbon, and Northampton counties are all coming together for this one mega-meet.

To attend the ASD Invitational, each athlete had to meet a qualifying distance, time, or height in their respective events. The Falcons have a variety of athletes taking part in the competition — jumpers, throwers, sprinters, and hurdlers.

Senior Lindsay Bauer is the returning champion in both the long and triple jump events. Junior Caitlin Hoeing also qualified for triple jump, the 2016 season being her first year on the track and field scene. Sophomore standout Jack Reichenbach will be participating in the long jump, triple jump and high jump. Freshman Bobby Kulp, like Hoeing, is new to track and field, yet qualified for the ASD Invite in the long and high jumps. Senior Sydney Utesch will be taking part in the high jump contest.

Salisbury will also be sending a solid group of throwers to J. Birney Crum Stadium on Friday. Senior Kierra Burda and sophomore Emilie Bergstrom (first year) are entered in the discus throw. Senior Sarah Galantini and sophomore Margaux Petruska are taking part in the javelin throw. Senior Tevon Weber will also be competing in the javelin throw.

In addition to a strong showing in the field events, the Falcons will also have some representation on the track as well. Junior Eric Frankenfield will be running the 100 and 200 meter dashes. Freshman Rylee Donaldson, another first time track athlete, will be taking part in the 200 meter and 400 meter dashes. Sophomore Marisa Jones, yet another first-timer, will be sprinting the 100 meter dash. Lastly, junior Kyra Bruns will be participating in the 300 meter hurdle competition.

The Allentown Invitational is an event that the track and field team looks forward to all year. It offers the athletes a great gauge on where they are at, and is great preparation for the championships coming in the next couple weeks. Bruns said, “It’s a big meet with a lot of people… It’s my first time doing this so I’m a little nervous.” Like most competitors, Bruns hopes to come out of this meet with a new personal best. “I’m most excited to run my event, the 300 hurdles, and hopefully the great competition will push me to PR,” said Bruns.

Salisbury Track and Field

By Lindsay Bauer

The Salisbury Track and field team started practicing on Monday, March 7th. Previous head coach Doug Hensinger stepped down after 14 years, and former sprinting coach Victor DeOliveira assumed his role as both head coach and new distance coach. Dan Reichenbach  Sr. has filled the position of jumping coach position, and Terry Bruns has taken on the role of sprinting coach. With several league, district and state medalists returning, the track and field teams hope for yet another successful season.

Four year javelin and discus thrower Sarah Galantini is very excited for the upcoming season. “The new coaches are very nice, and we will adjust together, as a team, to their different styles,” said Galantini. Galantini states that the first couple days of track are very hard because of the extensive focus on core and conditioning, but she is eager to begin actual throwing practice soon. Galantini placed 6th in leagues last year in the javelin and qualified for district championships, but is prepared to work hard and improve upon last years results.  

Zach Stringer, another returning track participant says the first week of track was amazing. “The weather was beautiful and we were able to run on the track,” Zach claimed.  His goals for the new season include making it to leagues and districts, and to try harder this year. He also added that he likes the new running coaches this year.  

The track and field team can only hope that the second week of practice will be as nice as the first. With their first meet right around the corner, the Falcons are gearing up for another memorable season.

Bauer Commits


By Holly Bruns

Senior Lindsay Bauer has been a part of numerous athletic programs during her high school career. She has competed in cross country, field hockey, basketball, and track throughout high school. Lindsay Bauer has high expectations for herself in her last year of track as well as everyone else involved in and out the program. Bauer has won two Class AA state medals; placing third in long jump, and eighth in triple jump. She was Colonial League and D-11 champion in both jumping events, Colonial League champion and D-11 runner-up in the 300 hurdles event, and league and district runner-up in the 200 meter event. Bauer made the region top-10 list in four events: the 200 meter, 300 hurdles, and number one in long and triple jump. Needless to say, Bauer has had an exceptional career so far, and she still has one more high school season left before graduating.

However, her athletic career does not stop there. On Monday, November 24th, she officially signed to commit to Rider University at Salisbury High School with the support of her friends, family, and coaches around her. Lindsay will be competing at Rider for the next four years as a multi. That means she will be not specifically be a jumper, or sprinter. Rather, she will be competing in multiple events. Lindsay already really likes her future coach’s eagerness to have her on the team. “He really wanted me to be there and that made me feel really welcomed.” Lindsay also likes the strong program that goes on at Rider. “It’s a really talented D-1 team.” Not only will Lindsay be excelling in her athletics at Rider, she has also narrowed down her majors to either health sciences or behavioral neuroscience. Lindsay is passionate about committing to Rider. “It’s where I want to be.” Best of luck from all of Salisbury as Bauer’s final track season approaches and as she pursues her future aspirations.