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Swimming All Area Recognition

By Rachel Costantini

Lehigh Valley Live recently named the 2016 all-area swim team for boys and girls. This award was both AA and AAA schools throughout the area. Many Salisbury swimmers received this recognition. The all-area swim team is comprised of the best swimmers throughout the area. This recognition is determined by each swimmer’s performance at districts and states.

On the girls side, freshman Sarah Bobeck was named third team for 100 freestyle. She was the only girl to make it to the podium and medal individually at districts. The girls 200 free relay team placed second at districts. The members of the relay team, besides, Sarah Bobeck, were all awarded with this success. Therefore, Rachel Costantini, Kaleigh Bobeck, and Brooke Rogers were all listed as honorable mention for their success in their relay at districts.

The boys team also had members named to the all-area team. Mahlon Reihman was first team for the 200 freestyle for his district and state gold medals. Daniel Bonge was named as second team for the 100 butterfly. Tyler Keller was also named as second team for diving. The boys also had success in a relay at districts. They won gold in the 400 free relay, so the rest of that relay team, Ben Weiner and Tim Sechler-Stone, were also awarded with honorable mention recognition.

First team, however, was not the only award Mahlon Reihman received. He was named as Lehigh Valley Live’s Boys swimmer of the year. Reihman had incredible success this season and these awards followed his district and state gold medals in both of his events. At states, he was also awarded as swimmer of the meet, so he definitely deserved this award.

Swimming and Diving States

By Rachel Costantini

Swimming and diving states took place March 18-19 at Bucknell University. Four swimmers advanced to states, Mahlon Reihman, Daniel Bonge, Ben Wiener, and Tim Sechler-Stone, along with Salisbury’s only two divers, Tyler Keller and Daniel Bujcs.

The boys team finished tied for 8th place with 73 points. The defending state champion in the 200 freestyle, Mahlon Reihman, led the team in points, scoring 40. Mahlon had a spectacular performance at states taking home two gold medals. Reihman was seeded first in both of his events, the 200 freestyle and the 100 freestyle, but the times he swam still surprised everyone. Reihman finished the 200 in 1:38.82, a new school record and personal best. This time was only .5 seconds off of the state record, which Reihman hopes to break next year. Reihman also got first place in the 100 freestyle, the event he was touched out in last year and finished second. His time was 45.58, which broke Jon Anderson’s 100 freestyle school record by .3 seconds.

Daniel Bonge scored 14 points for the falcons. He took 9th place in the 100 butterfly with a time of 52.34, a personal best. Bonge placed 12th in the 100 backstroke with a time of 54.22. Salisbury also sent a relay team to states, which consisted of Reihman, Bonge, Wiener, and Sechler-Stone. The 400 freestyle relay team finished 21st with a time of 3:24.65. The relay team did not make it to finals, but still had an outstanding performance.

Salisbury divers, Tyler Keller and Daniel Bujcs, both made it to the finals in diving. Keller took 7th place with 362.85 points. Keller hoped to do better since he got 6th place last year at states, but still was happy with his 7th place finish. Bujcs, who did not qualify for states last year, finished out his high school diving career with a 10th place finish at states with 334 points.

The boys swimmers and divers put on a spectacular performance on Friday and Saturday, which made Salisbury proud. The boys are looking forward to doing even better next year. Only diver, Daniel Bujcs, is not returning next season, so the outlook for the boys swimming and diving team looks positive next year.

Salisbury Swimming and Diving District Championships

By Rachel Costantini

The Salisbury swimming and diving team went to districts last Friday, March 4th. The competitors were competing for a spot in the State Championship at Bucknell University. The Falcons definitely didn’t disappoint in District Championship. Several Falcon swimmers and divers qualified for States.

Salisbury’s divers, Tyler Keller and Daniel Bujcs, competed in the District 11 Class 2A Diving championships. Junior Tyler Keller took first place with a final score of 417.55. The runner up was senior Daniel Bujcs, finishing the day with a final score of 392.85. Both members of the diving team made it to States in previous years, so it was no surprise that they managed to go back this year.

The Falcon swimmers were also in action 3/4 – 3/5, competing in districts as well. Junior Mahlon Reihman has had a spectacular year so far, and his success continued during the district championship. He competed in the 200 freestyle and 100 freestyle. Not only did he take home the gold in both events, but he also broke a pool record in the 200 freestyle with a time of 1:41:05. Junior Daniel Bonge competed in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke and took first place in fly and second in back. Reihman and Bonge are also members of the 400 freestyle relay team that placed first, along with Ben Weiner and Tim Sechler-Stone.

The girls swimming team also did well at districts, however, none of the girls will advance to the state championships. Freshman Sarah Bobeck led the girls team with the most points. She placed third in the 50 freestyle and fourth in the 100 freestyle. Senior Kaleigh Bobeck had a personal best in the 200 freestyle and placed fifth. The girls medley relay team placed sixth along with the 400 freestyle relay team. The 200 freestyle relay was a surprise. Last year this relay team of Kaleigh Bobeck, Brooke Rogers, Rachel Costantini, and Taylar Velten took fourth place and made it to the podium. This year’s relay included the some of the same members, Kaleigh Bobeck, Brooke Rogers, Rachel Costantini, and freshman Sarah Bobeck. They shocked everyone at districts taking second place in this relay, since they were seeded sixth.

Overall, it was a successful day for our swimmers and divers. Despite some members of the team not reaching their individual goals, they all had a very positive outlook on the season. “We all have a good time on the team” said Bujcs. “Everyone is supportive of each other and a lot of people make good friends from this sport.” For the Falcons who did make it to states the event is being held on March 18th and 19th.

Reihman’s Big Splash

By Holly Bruns

Salisbury swimmer, Mahlon Reihman, is making a big splash his junior year. Reihman has broken four records during the regular season and then broke a record at Districts. In the regular season, Reihman broke the 100 free-style (twice), the 200 free-style, and the 200 IM (individual medley). The 100 free-style was held at 48.5, and now it is at 48.21. The 200 free-style was held at 147.2 and now is 146.4. And finally, the 200 IM record was 159.6 and now is held at 159.4. Reihman explained that all the records he has broken are called pool records- which means they are records that can only be broken at that particular pool. There are also school records that are capable of being broken which can be done anywhere, like districts or states. All of Reihman’s records were broken at Kidspeace, which is Salisbury’s home ground.  

The district meet took place at Parkland High School this year on March 4th. Reihman participated in the 100 free, the 200 free, and anchored both the 200 and 400 free relays. He took the gold in both the events he swam, and is now seeded 1st in both his individual events for the PIAA AA State Meet. Not only did he win, but he broke another record. Reihman broke the 200 freestyle pool and district record with a time of 1:41.05. This broke the old record of a 1:41.07. “To be honest, I didn’t really have an expectation of breaking records going into the meet so the thrill of breaking them was even greater. I had my hopes and eyes on the district record going in, but I had no idea that I could be close to the pool records,” says Reihman. “My ultimate goal by senior year is to break the state record but my goal for this season is to come home from states with two gold medals. Last year I came home with one gold and one silver.” The State Championship will be held at Bucknell on March 18th and 19th. Best of luck to Mahlon and the rest of the team.

Diving Districts 2016

By Rachel Costantini

Diving districts took place Saturday, February 27 at 2pm at Emmaus High School. In 2015, Salisbury sweeped diving districts. Denny Bonner, a Salisbury senior last year, took first place at districts closely followed by Tyler Keller, who placed second, and Daniel Bujcs, who took third place. This year, Tyler Keller and Daniel Bujcs were definitely front runners in the districts competition.

Salisbury has not had any female divers in years, however, the male divers have been a huge help to the boys team. Having multiple divers who all placed at districts in the past has allowed for the boys team to go into swimming districts with a huge lead. Last year, the boys team went into swimming districts with 53 points, all earned by divers and Bonner and Keller both traveled to states with the boys team to compete. They helped the team to finish eleventh overall in the state competition, while individually Bonner took second place and Keller placed sixth.

On Saturday, senior Daniel Bujcs and junior Tyler Keller competed at diving districts. Keller placed first, which earned 20 points for the boys team, and Bujcs placed second, earning 17 points. Now that diving season has come to a close, swimming is soon to follow. Both divers will advance to the state meet, which takes place at Bucknell University from March 16-19. Swimming districts takes places Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5.

Swim Team Struggles with Pool Conditions

By Rachel Costantini

The Salisbury Swim Team practices, and has been practicing for years, at Kidspeace Broadway. Although this is usually a reliable location for practices and meets, they have faced many challenges with the pool conditions over the past four years. Many times the chemicals in the pool were too strong for the swimmers to practice safely, or leaks caused the swim team to have to practice at other pools for a few days. This year, however, the swim team is having the most trouble with the pool, so much trouble that they have not been able to practice at Kidspeace Broadway for over a week.

The first practice of the new year, January 2nd, started the problems for the team. The water level was extremely low, to the point that the swimmers could not do flip turns at the shallow end. It was also way too cold. However, no one checked the temperature because the water level was so low, the thermometer did not reach it. The team had a full practice that day, but the conditions were much worse later on. The team only had a 20 minute practice the next day due to the 68˚ pool. The ideal temperature of a pool meant for lap swimming is between 78˚F and 82˚F. As a result, the swim team could no longer practice at Kidspeace until the conditions improved.

The team started having sporadic practices at different pools, such as Kidspeace Orefield, Parkland, and Saucon Valley. Most of the practices no longer took place right after school, but whenever the team could be squeezed into the schedules of the other pools. Up to this point, the team was supposed to get back in their own pool at Kidspeace Broadway on January 13th, but the night before, the pump and heat shut off, so the pool, again, was too low and cold for the team to practice in. The next home meet, which is supposed to be January 15, looks like it will be moved to Tamaqua as an away meet. Hopefully, the pool conditions get straightened out and the swim team can get back to practicing in their own pool in the next week.

Teacher Recognition Swim Meet

By Rachel Costantini

Every year the swim team hosts the annual Teacher Recognition Swim Meet along with Future Falcon Night. Both events usually take place on the same day; this year it is on Tuesday, January 19 at 4:00 at Kidspeace Broadway.

The teacher recognition swim meet is the one sporting event that is the most well-attended by the staff. Every year the students on the varsity swim team individually invite one or two of their favorite teachers or staff members to come to the meet. At the meet, every teacher invited has a certain event dedicated to them by the swimmer that invited them. Kaleigh Bobeck, a senior on the swim team, likes this meet because “the teachers support it so much and it shows them a different activity we participate in.” Teachers enjoy the swim meet because they are individually invited by the swimmers and it gives the swimmers a chance to show their talents outside the classroom. Mrs. Pacitti enjoys attending the swim meet because “no other team does anything exactly like it to include the faculty, so it shows a nice sense of community.” Students generally invite teachers to sporting events, but this is one of the only events that is specifically dedicated to inviting teachers, which is why it gets such a good turnout.

Future Falcon Night is a chance for middle schoolers interested in swimming or diving to see a meet. Freshman Sarah Bobeck, who is now a member of the swim team, attended Future Falcon Night when she was in middle school. She liked the event because it gave her a chance to see the swim team and it interested her enough for her to join the team as a freshman. The middle school students get bussed over to Kidspeace from the middle school and are invited to sit on the pool deck with the swim team. It gives the middle schoolers a chance to see high school sports firsthand. It also gets students in the middle school interested in swimming since it is a sport that is not offered to middle schoolers.