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Girls Soccer Ends in Districts

By Kelly Kucsan

On Friday October 30th, the Salisbury girls’ soccer season came to an end. In the District 11 Class AA quarterfinal, Salisbury and Southern Lehigh went head to head in an intense competition. Prior to the game, Joana Hatzis, a junior on the team, said that Salisbury has a good shot of winning based on how they were practicing. Salisbury went into the district tournament as the number seven seed while Southern Lehigh was the number two seed. For the first half of the game, Salisbury gave Southern Lehigh a run for their money. However, during the second half, the Spartans went ahead by two and the Falcons lost the game 3-1.

Southern Lehigh scored fairly early in the game, but that didn’t knock the Falcons down completely. Salisbury pushed through with all their power and kept the game pretty even. Caylin Meikrantz got the game tying goal from inside the eighteen half way through the first half. Salisbury’s spirits were instantly lifted and the girls knew that they could win if they scored another goal. The first half was over and the score was tied 1-1.

Not even five minutes into the second half, Southern Lehigh scored. A Spartan player kicked the ball up the field through the defenders, resulting in a score and a 2-1 lead for the Spartans. After fifteen minutes into the second half, Southern Lehigh got their third goal. The Falcons then lost the connection that they needed to win. The game was over as well as their season. The Falcons had a long, hard-fought season. The girls hope for a better outcome the next soccer season.

Girls Soccer Senior Night

IMG_3085 (1)

By Kelly Kucsan

On Tuesday, the 13th of October, the Salisbury Girls Soccer team had their Senior night.  This is the most important night dedicated to the Salisbury seniors. During this night, the seniors walked down the field with their parents and were recognized. The team prepared and decorated for this night, painting signs and making the night exceptionally perfect for the seniors. There are eight very special seniors on the girls soccer team. The seniors include, Sarah Reilly, Emily Batman, Jordan Kamp, Sarah Galantini, Sophie Niesenbaum, Jessica Safi, Briana Zelinski, and Keri Haldeman. These girls said they had a wonderful four years on the team and will miss it so much.

Sarah Galantini is a senior who has been playing soccer for 13 years and is a defender on the varsity team. Sarah states, “It’s kind of surreal that this is my last year, especially because I’ve been playing for so long.” Out of her few years on the team, Sarah has learned to never to take anything for granted, and if you work hard at something you can achieve it. Her most memorable moment was getting announced during her senior night because it’s something she will never forget. Sarah says she wants to continue to play soccer recreationally, but nothing too serious. Throughout the four seasons of her soccer career, Sarah has made some of her best friends and she will miss playing with them the most. “My life had revolved around soccer for as long as I can remember and it’s going to be weird not playing,” is what she said was the saddest part about leaving. Sarah says Mr. Frick has taught her that, you are never as good as you think, but you are never as bad as you feel. Her advice for other players would be to never take soccer for granted, even on the horrible days, you will always miss it.

Although the amazing seniors are leaving, they’ll be remembered forever. The seniors have put so much effort into the team. They all bring the team together with bonding and leadership. Even though the seniors are leaving, the team will be strong and still have a great season next year.

Keeper Kamp Commits

By Kelly Kucsan

Jordan Kamp is a senior at Salisbury High School and the goalkeeper on the varsity soccer team. In April of 2015, as a junior, she committed to St. John’s University to continue her soccer career. Kamp decided to pick St. John’s because it had everything she was looking for when it came to academics and athletics. She had various other options, but they didn’t have the combination that she needed to succeed in college.

Jordan thinks very highly of the soccer program at St. John’s. “The coach at St. John’s is great and the University truly has a family atmosphere.” She is looking forward to playing soccer in their state of the art home stadium, Belson Stadium. They have well-maintained turf and they play “New York, New York” which gives her the goosebumps every time. This new opportunity at St. John’s does not make her feel nervous at all. Jordan is extremely excited and eager to get out there and play.

Jordan has been playing soccer since she was seven years old. When she was asked what her favorite thing about soccer was and she said it was the feeling of stepping on the field. “It is the most comfortable place to be on.” Jordan says she is very intrinsically motivated but is also motivated by her teammates and her family. She got to where she is today by setting goals and being relentlessly determined to achieve them. Hopefully, Jordan will enjoy her time at St. John’s and will pursue her dreams.

Boys and Girls Soccer Prepares for Districts

By Kyra Bruns

This season, the Salisbury soccer teams have been successful, but it isn’t over yet. Both teams made the District XI Playoffs. The boys team is seeded in the third spot, while the girls are seeded seventh. The first game for our boys is versus Saucon Valley on Thursday at 6pm. Since they are a higher seed than their opponent, they play in our stadium this Thursday night. The girls’ first game is against Southern Lehigh on Friday. The game is to be played at Southern Lehigh this Friday at 3:30pm.

The boys are prepared for this postseason, and so far, the season has been going well for them. “I think our team has great chemistry which has allowed us to play well together,” says senior defender Tanner Fritz. Like all teams, there are things that the team wishes they could change. “I am not satisfied with the outcome because I believe we could’ve had a higher seed,” says junior goalie Tyler Keller. The boys also have high hopes for the remainder of the season. “I am hoping to get at least fourth place in states and we will get there by pinging the ball faster than we have ever before,” says senior forward Zach Adams.

The girls team has also had a fairly successful season. “This season has been fairly up and down,” says senior goalie Jordan Kamp. Again, there are some games where the girls wanted different results. “I am satisfied with this season; however, I would have liked to win a few more games and make league playoffs,” says senior defender Sarah Galantini. The girls have goals they would like to accomplish before the season ends. “In the postseason I want to win districts, and it’s all about the heart and to play for each other in these next few games,” says junior midfielder Caylin Meikrantz.

The boys have played Saucon Valley before in the regular Colonial League season. They won against them 3-1 towards the end of September. The girls have also played Southern Lehigh once during the regular season, and lost to them 6-2. This was their last regular season game of the season.

The boys made leagues this year, and played one of their rivals, Northwestern Lehigh in the semifinals of leagues, but unfortunately lost to them 2-0. The girls’ loss to Southern Lehigh took the opportunity of making leagues away from them.

This year, the Falcon soccer teams want to go far in districts, and with their hard work and determination, it seems that they will reach their goal.

Boys Soccer Senior Night

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Courtesy of Instagram, Zach Adams

By Holly Bruns

Salisbury boys soccer won their tenth game on Monday night (9/28) in their home stadium. The boy’s record now stands 10-2. However, Monday night was not just regular league event, it was senior night. For five hardworking, dedicated boys, the unfortunate concept of reality may have became more present than games prior. Their final games are approaching meaning this soon concludes their last soccer season ever.

The following names are the seniors on the soccer team: Zach Karounos, Zach Adams, Tanner Fritz, David McCarthy, and Collin Holben. As I asked Zach Adams what his thoughts consisted of leading up to the ceremony, he responded, “All I could think about was pinging the ball around.” Which is an inside joke among the boys. Zach Karounos’’ thoughts were, “I was thinking we’re a good team, they’re a good team, it’ll a be a good game.” Karounos also include that he “felt proud to be a Falcon.” “I have had three injuries this season already. I had a concussion, an AC joint sprain in my shoulder and I tore a ligament in my ankle. I only missed games for my ankle injury and I am focused on staying healthy” says Tanner Fritz. His expectations are to make and go far in districts and meet against Northwestern one last time. When I asked what the biggest challenge faced this year was, McCarthy answered, “Definitely losing so many seniors last year was rough but we have come together as a team and really have been proving people we are stronger than ever before.” He says, “Salisbury soccer has a bond like no other and I consider them my family.”  

Everyone, not just the seniors, have high expectations of going far in districts and leagues. Taking another win on senior night felt good to everyone. It showed everyone in the stands how hard the Salisbury boys have been working to get where they are now. The boys are having a great season and we all hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon.