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Rifle Preview

By Kyle Hartzell

Rifle is a very difficult sport to learn. Not many people are involved in rifle, but the few that are, are very talented at what they do. Salisbury’s rifle team consists of Josh Bonner, Jacob Foehrkolb, Ethan Hassick, Max Kucsan, Christian Prisaznik, John Kochenberger, Louis Mahalick, Sean Michael Schuler, Rebecca Aungst, Joseph Busolits, Alexander Cudd, Katie Gilligan, Cassandra McIntosh, Bryce Erdman, and Tyler Rauch. The season starts Tuesday, December 8th, against Southern Lehigh.

Last year, rifle finished with an average of  412.8 points per meet. Being one of the best seasons they have ever had, Salisbury looks to have an even better season this year. Under second year head coach Kevin Johnson, the season has been more than just competing against fellow league members. He preaches the importance of gun safety, as well as being mature and responsible during meets. Two years ago, Salisbury really started their uprising with senior Sean Fritz leading the way. Sean was one of the best sharp shooters Salisbury has ever seen, “The kid never missed a shot,” said senior Christian Prisaznik. “He was a great leader and knew exactly what to say to us to get us pumped up.” This year Christian is a team captain and he looks to be able to lead the team. “Southern Lehigh is always a tough team to open up with, but we are confident in our shooters and we believe we can get the job done.” Salisbury looks for another successful season but, more importantly to assist in making mature and responsible young adults.