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Salisbury Football/ Cheerleading Banquet

By CJ Wittman

The Salisbury football team and cheerleaders attended the annual banquet on the 21st of February at the Brookside Country Club. During this banquet, players and coaches from both the varsity team and middle school team met together to celebrate their great seasons. The middle school football team and varsity team both finished the regular season with a record of 7-3.

The banquet started off with an impressive highlight film of the varsity football team.  After the film was shown, awards were distributed to cheerleaders. Kierra Burda and Maddy Horn won MVP for the 2015 season.  

After the cheerleading awards were handed out, Coach Cerco began to talk about the varsity football team. In summary, Coach Cerco stated how the program had completely turned around.  The Falcons, this year, had something to be proud of. Coach Cerco ended his speech by handing out letters and individual awards. Seven players were honored by the Colonial League by making either all-league, all-area, or all-state. This is the most the football program has had in over ten years. The seniors said some words about their future and possible college plans. Senior Alex Kubinec was nominated for scholar athlete proving his dominance on the field and in the classroom.

The awards were followed up by a buffet, which included salads, chicken alfredo, veal parmesan, green beans, and bread. Ice cream and cake were served after the meal. It proved to be a fun night for the Salisbury Falcons football and cheerleading teams.

Saucon Strives For State Final

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.41.51 AM.png

By Kyle Hartzell

Coming off a strong season last year, Saucon looked to continue their pattern. Finishing out the regular season, undefeated and the Colonial League champions, they looked to win districts and continue on into the class 3A state playoffs. Now they are in the semi-finals for the state playoffs.

Saucon now prepares to play one of the best teams in the country on Friday December 11th. Imhotep Charter is ranked 5th in the state while Saucon is ranked 7th. These numbers aren’t that far apart, but Imhotep has some key players that they look to use against Saucon. Naseir Upshur is Imhotep’s tight end, he has offers from over 25 FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) schools. Stopping Naseir will be Saucons biggest obstacle for this game.

Salisbury head coach Andrew Cerco stated, “The determining factor will be which team can make more big plays, who can take care of the ball. If Saucon can control time of possession and create turnovers on defense, they will have a good chance to win the game.” With this being said, Saucon Valley can usually put together nice long drives utilizing their running back Evan Culver. By giving the ball to Culver it allows time to run off the clock, not allowing their opponent to get the ball. Cerco states, “It would be great for Saucon Valley to represent the Colonial League in the State Championship game. It says a lot about the competition level in our league. Having spoken with a college coach on Friday, he said that Salisbury plays in one of the most competitive leagues in the state. Either way I’m happy for them and their success, it is a testament to how they manage their program, and the commitment level of their players and the care and love for each other. You don’t get to the state semi-final game if those things are not in order.”

This week may not be as easy as the past weeks for Saucon, but with their talent it is very possible that they can win. Facing Imhotep Charter at Liberty at seven o’clock Friday, December 11th. Whether Saucon gets a win or loss, they will have represented the Colonial League greatly this past year.

Salisbury Beats Southern Lehigh in Close Game


By Agostino D’ancona

The Salisbury varsity football team traveled to Southern Lehigh Friday, 11/6/15 for their last regular season game.  Going into that game, Salisbury was sitting in the third seat for the District 11 class AA playoffs with a record of 6-3 and was going to play next Friday against Northwestern, at Northwestern.  With a record of 7-2, Southern Lehigh was not qualified for the District 11 class AAA playoffs, but a win over Salisbury could help them in the seating of the Eastern Conference playoffs and get a win at home.

This game had more significance because Salisbury and Southern Lehigh are rivals who have played for the infamous helmet. The helmet is a trophy that stands about two to three feet tall and has plaques on the base dating from 1970 to 2014 with the scores and winner of each game. On top of the base is a head statue with a 1940’s style helmet sitting on it.

Although for many years it may not have seemed like a rivalry game, the Falcons were a different team this year. Southern Lehigh historically had a good football program and were used to winning the helmet, but the Falcons, led by head coach Andy Cerco, are turning their program around.  Heading into that week, most of the players said they took it like any other week and practiced just as hard as they would have for any other game. Going into the game, the Falcons felt confident in their ability to play at a high level but were a little nervous.  

Southern Lehigh started to move down the field pretty well but were stopped by an intentional grounding call which forced them to punt.  On that punt, Devin Irwin was there to return it and did just that.  He returned the punt to set up the Falcons’ offense comfortably on Southern Lehigh’s side of the field.  The offense came out and scored on its first drive with a pass from quarterback Tevon Weber to wide receiver Mason Donaldson. The Falcons had come out and scored the first points of the game, feeling extremely confident and less nervous after, but knew they needed to come out and stop Southern Lehigh’s offense.

Going into the locker room at halftime with the score being 7-3, the Falcons felt great, but had been in this position before. They knew they had to come back out and play defense and let the offense score some more points. The game went back and forth until finally, with 2:44 left in the game, Southern Lehigh had scored to go up and make it 20-17.  The offense felt they had enough time to score and go ahead to possibly end the game and go home with a win.  The Falcons had a tough time trying to get a first down on that drive and before you knew it, it was 4 and 13th on their own 25 yard line with about 1:44 go.  

On that final stand, Falcons’ quarterback Tevon Weber alluded defenders and escaped the heavy pass rush to convert a first down with a 35 yard bomb to CJ Wittman.  On that play Tevy was tripped and fought to stay up will his forearm and knees had hit the ground.  Most refs would end the play there but the ref in that game didn’t. Was it luck for the Falcons, or did the ref miss a huge call? After that the Falcons kept moving the ball, they finally scored with Tevy fighting to stay up while he was dragged down by a Southern Lehigh defender on his back. He flicked the ball to Nick Sikora, who ran through 4 defenders to score and give the Falcons the lead, 24-20 with 44 seconds to go.  

Going out on defense the Falcons knew they still had to play hard because the same thing could happen to them.  They stopped the Spartans and won the game to finish the season 7-3.  Salisbury hasn’t had a winning season since 2006, and haven’t made district playoffs since 2009. They also hadn’t won the helmet since 2010, but this year they changed all that. What’s even better to them is that they get to keep the helmet for good because Southern Lehigh will be moving to a different league next year.


Salisbury Prepping for Palmerton Face-Off

By Alex Diamond

The Falcons of Salisbury High School are battling the Blue Bombers of Palmerton on Friday, October 30th. Both teams are nearly evenly matched with a 5-3 record for Salisbury and a 4-4 record for Palmerton, so this game will prove to be a tough battle.

One of the main aspects that will be emphasized during this game will be a well-rounded defense and offense. Senior Mason Donaldson, who is playing as a downfield blocker, says that the defensive strategy will consist of stopping the Blue Bombers’ run game. The offensive strategy is to score points in a quicker fashion than Palmerton can. Donaldson wants this game to be really eventful because it’s his last home game. “Even if we don’t win, I’m hoping we can play the best football game we ever played .”

If Salisbury wins this game, they will be one step closer to district playoffs, which they have not reached since the 2006 season. However, Donaldson says that the regular season is still not over yet. “We have the Southern Lehigh game in week 10, that’s for sure.”

Fantasy Football: Is It Gambling?

By Geoff Fox

Fantasy sports have recently become a growing industry in the world. Friends want to prove their superior knowledge of a game by simply building their team with better players than their opponents. Approximately 56.8 million people between the U.S. and Canada alone currently use fantasy sports. However, while this is an entertaining pastime the question of, “is having cash prizes involved legal?” has to be reviewed.

This topic comes to question because of the laws that are currently set regarding betting on actual sports games. Since The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (1992), gambling on sports was made illegal in all states except four. With this in mind, what makes gambling on fantasy sports different? What makes it legal?

Surprisingly, there is a lot that separates the gambling of fantasy sports and the gambling of real sports. One main difference is the belief that fantasy sports is a skill-based gambling process as opposed to regular sports gambling which is complete luck. Fantasy sports attract competitors by filling their head with the idea of a “strategic gambling” based on your knowledge of whichever sport they choose. Forty-five out of the fifty states and the United States government is convinced and says that fantasy sports fall under a “skill-based” game. While fantasy sports is acknowledged as a form of gambling, people still believe it is a legal way of doing so. This has recently become a topic of question because of the United States’ Attorney General publicly stating that she was to review the site, “Draft Kings.” The Department of Justice was then planning to decide whether or not it is legal under the United States government. Fantasy sports have been a great way for fans to become more involved in their favorite sports and possibly make money in doing so. However, that leaves us to question, is it legal? That will be argued about for a long time to come.

Salisbury Suffers a Tough Loss Against Notre Dame G.P.

By Ian Carson

Salisbury football started off the season with a lot of potential. This year was said to be “the year” for the football team. The majority of the seniors on the team have been playing together since flag-football, and have had a reputation as a winning football team. They opened up this season with a tough 39 to 15 loss against Saucon Valley. The next week they had a 41 to 2 win against Palisades. This win gave the Falcons a well-needed confidence boost. Last week’s game against Notre Dame G.P. was a tough battle. After the first quarter, the Falcons were down 13 to 0. The second quarter was an offensive battle. The falcons scored two touchdowns but let up 3 to the Crusaders. Going into halftime the Crusaders lead 31 to 14. Opening up the third quarter, the struggling Falcon defense could not stop the Crusaders. Notre Dame ended up scoring 3 more touchdowns with the Falcon’s only scoring one in return. The score going into the fourth quarter was 52 to 21. This lead was just too much for the Falcons to come back from. With one last touchdown from receiver Mason Donaldson, the final score was 52 to 28. Defense was definitely the game changing factor that could have made this game very different. Unfortunately, this game was an upsetting loss for the Falcons. After talking to a few of the players after the game, they are now looking forward and preparing for another home game this week against Bangor. Here is a recap of who scored for the Falcons this past game. Mason Donaldson 6, Devin Irwin 6, Shane Wittman 6. Quarterback, Tevon Weber, passed for 161 yards, and threw for all three of the Falcon’s touchdowns.

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