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By Felicity Koch

Capricorn (Jan. 20 – Feb. 15) – Few things in life are more exciting than gossip, and you are going to get some of the juiciest news! The information you get could be more horrible than you know, so be sure you don’t share it quickly. Spreading this kind of dirt fast could put you in trouble. You need to be careful. Wait until you know it’s clear before you start telling people. If not, you could get a rep as someone who can’t a secret.

Aquarius (Feb. 16 – March 10) – Every now and then, events really hit home and cause you to examine your place in the world. Perhaps it is time for you to take a more active role in the community. If you make commitments, you must be determined to follow through with them. While your talents can be put to very good use, empty promises cannot.

Pisces (March 11 – April 17) – Pushy people may be annoying you beyond your endurance. Remember that no one can take advantage of you unless you let them. If you find that everyone is taking you for granted and wanting more, it could be time to go on strike. You don’t have to be rude to make them listen. An ending of all non-needed activities, and a strong declaration of your boundaries, will have an amazing effect.

Aries (April 18 – May 12) – If you’re as if your mind is a big fog bank and your emotions are hail, you might not be quite ready to face any extra responsibilities. Remember that ‘no’ is a complete sentence. As soon as you can, try to escape to a silent place and lose yourself in a book. The diversion will take your mind off what’s troubling you

Taurus (May 13 – June 20) – Now that you’ve got your outbursts in control, you can find the cause. You are obviously feeling sensitive, but what caused this reaction? Perhaps a combination of small events built up before you could deal with them and the pressure broke your self-control. Look to your self for the calming you need. Validation does not come from others.

Gemini (June 21 – July 19) – There’s nothing reckless in your method today. You’re all business and have both the concentration and the mentality to develop a full understanding of your task. Not afraid to ask questions and dig beyond fake answers, your probing puts you far ahead. If only you could bring this same kind of focus to bear every single day. Enjoy this time and take advantage of it while you can.

Cancer (July 20 – Aug. 19) – If it seems that everyone knows something you don’t, perhaps you need to probe the reasons why that is to be. Burying your head in the sand keeps you out of the loop. It might not be easy to find out what’s swirling around, but an innocent-sounding question posed to a good source could clear things up. The information may distress you, but keep the peace for now.

Leo (Aug. 10 – Sept. 15) – Today is all about taking time to establish things. You can’t be in a hurry if you want to get anywhere. So go slow and take your time to explore what other people are looking for in life. Ask questions about your friend’s and you just might be able to help them out. That sense of satisfaction is just what you need right now. You have a lot to share, a lot to teach and a lot to learn from others.

Virgo (Sept. 16 – Oct. 29) – Wise words sometimes come from unexpected sources. Listening to someone who has already found their way could help you find yours. Keep your ears open so that you can add these jewels to your treasure box. Strive each day to add at least one new insight to your growing collection. You can take them out one by one and examine them at your leisure.

Libra (Oct. 30 – Nov. 22) – You’ll be very entertained when a voice of authority in your life reveals that they don’t know everything. In one particular area, you will be the expert while they will be the learner. Try not to hold this over them or make them feel silly. You want them on your side! Show them how smart you are, and how valuable you are to them! This is your chance to prove your worth in a big way.

Scorpio (Nov. 23 – Dec. 6) – Vast reserves of strength keep you going, and minor setbacks don’t have a chance of changing your heart. It helps that the positive moves outnumber the few negative barbs. But even downers are captivated by your optimism and begin to drift to your way of thinking. Treat newcomers with the same open hand friendship you give all.
Sagittarius (Dec. 7 – Jan. 19) – You may not want to answer the phone, and that’s fine as long as you check your messages and return any important calls. Caught up completely in the mental exercise of spinning outlandish scenarios, you could imagine yourself in all sorts of situations. The key to your dreams could lie in some of these projections. Begin thinking about what it would take to turn your fantasies into reality.