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Taylor Swift declares herself dead on her new album “Reputation”

 By Jack Kubinec

After not releasing an album for three years, Taylor Swift made a striking entrance back into mainstream music. Reputation is no doubt the largest album release in 2017, selling 1.2 million copies in the US, and 2 million copies worldwide. This could be because of the symbolistic killing of her old self, representing herself a snake, and coming to her senses of her big reputation, but either way it created something different for Swift.

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The End of the Internet as We Know It

By Patrick To

Can we all just take a moment here to look at what Ajit Pai did? The Federal communications commission, with Pai as their chair, is destroying the internet that we all know and love. The FCC is an independent agency of the US government, and its job is to regulate interstate communications (radio, tv, etc.), but their decision may directly affect your life.

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Keystone Retaking: Tips to Pass

By Lindsey Diamond

Algebra, Biology, and Literature Keystone retakes are occurring from December 4th-15th. Keystones are important because if you are class of 2019 and below you need to pass to actually graduate. This happened because in 2016, Governor Tom Wolfe signed a temporary bill that provided a two year window for the Pennsylvania Department of Education to work on issues that evolved from using a high-stakes exam to determine high school graduation eligibility. To avoid retaking it multiple times or even repeating the grade, a proficient is needed to pass. Here are some tips to achieve that proficient:

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Media Response: The blood of Emmett Till

By Tonia Whitaker

In 1955 a time of segregation, racism, and race riots; a young boy named Emmitt Till was horribly let down by the United States Constitution. Till was visiting his family in Mississippi from Chicago, Illinois. A woman named Carolyn Bryant accused the 14 year old boy of harassing her, while he was simply getting bubble gum at the local store while visiting his family. The women said he grabbed her waist and forcibly touched her. This lie caused him his life, because he was brutally mutilated and murdered. Roy Bryant and his half brother kidnapped Till from his family home and tortured him all night. Then, he tied a metal fan around his neck and threw him into a river.  The picture of his lifeless body in the casket spread an uproar of anger throughout the nation at the time when blacks and whites couldn’t even use the same bathroom.

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