The Class of 2023 Prepare to “Spring” into Their Last Musical Concert 

By: Kate Smith

The Rivers Are Running Again with the Salisbury music department! On Tuesday, May 2, a night of free and enjoyable music will be shared with the public. Your local Salisbury musicians have been preparing since early January 2023 for this upcoming show.

Performances from choral, acapella, and instrumental groups will take place, averaging the concert to last approximately 90 minutes. 

If you are looking to get early access into the auditorium, see Ms. Reineke in music room 101 for tickets. Doors open to those who have tickets at 6:30pm.

This particular night of recognizing talented musicians will serve as senior night for members of the class of 2023. Many of the seniors have taken part in multiple different music aspects such as Chorus, Extra Chorus, Faculty Chorus, Concert Band and Jazz Band. 

A reception will be held after the concert to further celebrate the class of 2023 and everything they’ve done for the music department here at Salisbury High School.

One of our seniors this year is Grace Spellacy. She is involved in Chorus, Extra Chorus and Theater. Grace joined Chorus and Theater when she was a freshman–additionally, she joined Extra Chorus during her junior year.

When getting in touch with Grace to ask what her favorite part of being a Salisbury musician is, she responded, “Besides singing of course, are the friendships I have made throughout the years that I wouldn’t have found if I chose not to be a part of chorus.”

Grace believes that her time at the high school went by quickly. To further elaborate, she stated, “I feel like my first winter concert was just last week. Now that I’m going to be singing on the risers for the last time gives this concert a little more emotion than usual. These are experiences I will be missing the most in college.”

Makenzie Ehrie is another one of our seniors at Salisbury High School. She has been involved in music since her freshman year. Makenzie is a member of Chorus, Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Band. 

In response to being asked what Makenzies’ favorite part of being a Salisbury musician is, she shared, “No matter how small we are in numbers, we always give it our best.” 

Mackenzie is saddened to be graduating soon, though she is excited to put a close to her high school life and start something new.   

As the seniors make their way out of the music aspects of high school, they are leaving behind underclassmen who will hold down the fort next year. One of them will be junior Abigail Rolls. She has taken part in Chorus since the beginning of her high school journey. Abby got inspired to join Chorus through her older brother, Timothy Rolls. She plans to continue her music career being as involved as she can be. Abby also said, “I look forward to what opportunities the future holds.”

When asked what Abbys’ favorite part of being a Salisbury musician is, she responded, “Being able to learn all types of music! I love learning tiny parts of it and eventually putting all parts of a song together, it makes me so happy to hear all of us learn!”

To have an understanding of how Abby feels about the seniors graduating soon, she expressed that she is dreading the day they leave. To further elaborate, she explained, “I feel like I grew up with them, I watched them mature and turn into awesome humans! I’ve met some of my closest friends in chorus and will always cherish the bond and relationships we have.” 

With the concert quickly approaching, each and every one of the performers are becoming anxiously excited to perform again for the public. 

The seniors in particular, are preparing themselves to keep it together on stage so they can power through one last show. 

Ms. Reinecke, who is the choral and instrumental director of the music department at SHS, brought back the tradition of having the seniors sing a senior song for this concert. This year, the seniors will be singing “Long Live” by Taylor Swift. Ms. Reinecke believes that the senior song will be complex for the seniors to perform and this is seen through her statement “wait until they realize how hard it is to perform while crying.” 

This alone speaks that a majority of the seniors will be in tears. No matter how long each senior has been a member of the music department at Salisbury, they can all agree that joining together to do what they love and having this concert be one of their last chances to perform with one another will break them.

It’s in the smallest of schools where you find the best of friends, teachers, etc., and that’s why having the seniors leave soon is such a big deal. The seniors, as well as the underclassmen, have grown to be inspired by Ms. Reinecke. Leaving her for their future endeavors sooner rather than later is going to be difficult not just for them, but also for Ms. Reinecke. 

The truth of the matter is, you can’t find a teacher as great as Ms. Reinecke everywhere you go. It’s for sure that the seniors will be taking time out of their personal lives in the future to visit her and tell her all about the big world. 







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