Exclusive: Opening Night of FRIEND

Written By: Destynie Lichtenwalner

FRIEND is a short film that was created and produced by Salisbury High School’s junior, Charlie Morton. This being Morton’s latest project, the provoking short film is bound to be celebrated. 

FRIEND is exclusively primering Friday, April 28, 2023 in the Salisbury High School auditorium. 

The film focuses on and explores two major challenges and losses in the main character’s life (Senior Gavin Berger). FRIEND tells the story of an accident, death and remorse.   

Morton stated, “My goal is to tell a story that I am familiar with and I know many people may be able to connect to. Everyone has their own battles they silently fight on a daily basis, all while wearing a mask so that they won’t raise any uncomfortable questions.” 

Although the film is set to only show once, with enough donations the film has potential to be displayed at the Emmaus and Civic theaters. 

Donations are accepted before the showing in cash form. 

FRIEND features over 170 students and staff from SHS and had a creation process of exactly five months to the day from film to premier. 

Final ticket purchase can be found here: 


 Save a seat, admission is free.  






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