He Said/She Said: What’s the difference between Honors and Regular Classes?

By: Hanin Suleiman

What’s the difference between the ninth grade honors classes and regular classes? 

Olivia Cudd and I agree that Honors American Cultures, which is taught by Mrs. Kennedy, is the most difficult Honors class as a freshman. 

Olivia Cudd and I are in the Honors American Cultures 1 class while Ashley Frei is in the American Cultures 1 class.

In regards to the American Cultures (AC) class, Ashley Frei explains her experience in the regular American cultures class.

“My class isn’t that hard; the only things that are extremely challenging are the tests,” Ashley Frei said. “Other than that, she usually gives us notes and assignments with five questions on them.”

In regards to the Honors AC class, Olivia Cudd explained her experience in the rHonors American Cultures class.

“It’s a lot of extra pressure; it’s not too much work; it’s just an extreme amount of tests,” honors student Olivia Cudd explained. “If you aren’t interested in it, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want to be challenged and are passionate about it, then do it.”

The Honors American Cultures class and the American Culture both have assignments, and there isn’t any extra credit. Both of the classes get essay questions, but only the Honors class has them on every test; she gave the regular class an essay question once. The homework that they have is usually to read the book and study, but sometimes the honors class must write essays on a particular topic.

In my experience, before I chose to do the Honors Class I didn’t know the difference between them. Everyone said it was extremely challenging but my family encouraged me to take the opportunity. Now that I have experienced it I decided that I will not be doing Honors American Cultures II next year.

Ashley Frei and Livi Cudd both comment on the difference between Honors AC and regular AC.

“You guys have to do more writing than we do, and you move at a faster pace,” Ashley Frei said.

Livi Cudd said, “There really isn’t a big difference between the Honors Class and the regular class,  it just goes at a quicker pace and has harder assignments.”

Everyone agrees the difference between the honors class and the regular class is more work, you go at a faster pace, there are more tests, and you must work harder. Going to American Culture Honors is not wise if you don’t like history. You must want to work hard and never procrastinate.






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