He Said/She Said: Starbucks vs Dunkin

By: Hanin Suleiman

This debate has been going on for a while: which restaurant is better? Starbucks or Dunkin?

In my experience, “I believe that Starbucks is amazing in the summer, while Dunkin is spectacular all year round.” Addison Paulik, a Junior in Salisbury High School, believes that Starbucks is dominant to Dunkin. Autumn’s opinion differs from Addison’s opinion and believes Dunkin is better.

Autumnis a freshman in Salisbury highschool and says, “I like Dunkin’s coffee and refreshers.”  She also said, “I don’t like how busy both of them are, especially Starbucks.”  

While Addison says, “I like Starbucks because their coffee is better.” She said, “I don’t like how expensive Starbucks is, and sometimes if they are in a rush they will make your drink quickly and it doesn’t taste the time.”  

Autumn believes Dunkin has better food and drinks while Addison believes Starbucks has better food but she’s fond of Dunkin’s donuts.

Addison believes that Starbucks is more expensive but she says it has better food and drinks, thus she believes Starbucks is overall better and she acquires Starbucks more than she has Dunkin.

Autumn says , “I’m not entirely sure but I think Starbucks is more expensive.” Autumn attends  Dunkin more thus she believes Dunkin is better.

Both restaurants are spectacular and while they have their ups and downs, which one is really better?






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