He Said/She Said: A Lunch vs B Lunch vs C Lunch

By: Hanin Suleiman

In Salisbury High School, there are different times for lunch based on the teacher you have for 3rd block and which day it is. Lunch A is at 11:05, lunch B is at 11:47 and lunch C is at 12:27.

The question is, which lunch is better?

There are days when you have various lessons because there are four blocks of 80 minutes each. They are called Odd days and Even days. For instance, on days when it was odd, I would get math for third block and B lunch, while on days when it was even, I would have biology for third block and C lunch.

Ashley Frei, Aseal Suleiman, Michael Mchorter, and Olivia Cudd, freshmen at Salisbury, discuss their experiences and vote on the finest lunch.

 Ashley Frei has had the same lunch the entire time, C lunch, and she says, “Sometimes I’d like to change my lunch because I get really hungry and you have to wait a while.” 

Ashley has friends at each of her lunches, and she says, “I like the time of my lunch because you have the mindset that you have one class left and then you go home.”

 Michael Mchorter and Aseal Suleiman, as well as Livi Cudd or Olivia Cudd, have B lunch. They all agree that B-lunch is their favorite. “I like lunch B because it’s in the middle of a block, so I don’t have to wait until the end to eat,” Livi said. 

Aseal Suleiman says, “I like B lunch better because it is at the perfect time in the afternoon.” Waiting until C lunch is excessively long, and Aseal’s only request is to shorten it. 

Everyone agrees B lunch is perfectly set because it’s in between classes and you don’t have to wait a while.They all agree that B lunch is their favorite, with Michael and Livi having B and C lunch and Aseal having A and B lunch, while Ashley Frei loves C lunch because she appreciates the frame of mind it gives you.

But if you don’t like your lunch there’s always next year!






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