Review: “M3GAN”

By: Ashley Frei

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Would you want a toy robot who looked like a human, and did everything to protect you? 

The movie “M3GAN” was released on Jan. 6, 2023. The film stars Violet McGraw, who plays Cady, and Allison Williams, who plays Gemma. 

Gemma had gained custody of Cady once her parents had died in a car crash, since Gemma is her aunt. The movie is based on Gemma having to create a new toy animal for her boss, but she took money from the company to create Megan. After a long process, she created Megan the way she wanted her. 

Gemma created Megan to be a friend to Cady. Megan was supposed to protect Cady from all harm, both emotionally and physically. That is what Megan did. 

One day, Cady had lost her arrow on the other side of the neighbor’s fence. Megan went to get it when the neighbor’s dog started attacking Megan. Cady had gone over to try and help Megan, but the dog had bitten Cady too. 

Megan had killed people to protect Cady, and keep her safe. She had even tried to paralyze Cady’s aunt Gemma. Megan did these things just to protect Cady because that was what she was told to do, protect her from physical and emotional harm.

Although this movie is considered a horror movie, it wasn’t as scary as you think it would be. There are just a few jump scares throughout the movie, like when Megan chased after the dog after the dog bit Cady. 

Even though the movie wasn’t as scary as I thought it was, I still think it was a great movie. I appreciated the scenes that showed Cady forming a bond with Megan. They would dance and sing together; Megan would even sing her a song before she went to sleep. 

I enjoyed these scenes because they showed that since Cady’s parents had died, she was still able to form a connection with other people, even though Megan is a robot. Throughout the movie, Cady also formed a connection with Gemma, even though it had taken them a while to form a good bond. Even if you aren’t a fan of horror movies, I still think you would enjoy this movie because it doesn’t have as many scary moments as you would think.







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