The Shooter 

By: John Samy

Ready Aim Fire… 

The action show The Shooter is a Netflix original series with 3 seasons. Be warned that these seasons won’t feel like a lot because you’re going to watch this very quickly. The Netflix original series follows a former retired marine that used to be a sniper. He used to accomplish high task missions for the United States Government. Plot twist- now he is getting set up by the United States Government by his old friend and captain in the marines. They work to rekindle this relationship throughout the show. 

Bob Lee Swagger is the main character played by Ryan Phillippe. His persona is gritty, but at the same time also very charming and charismatic. He keeps you guessing as the show progresses. You really don’t know what he’s going to do next because he follows a code of morality. This code  is tested time and time again. What makes this different from any other shows is that it shows flashbacks relating to what’s going to happen next. 

If action shows are your go to shows like they are for me, then this is for you. At the slightest chance if action shows are not you’re not thing, still give this a try because it will undoubtedly change your mind. The show also gives you some romantic moments for the people that like those types of shows as well. 

Now take your time and enjoy this action thriller. You’ll learn alot about conspiracies about the government, and how the US Military conveys their missions. My final judgment is 4.5 out of 5 starts only because there are 3 seasons because the show got canceled for political reasons.  So now sign into Netflix and start watching!






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