Just Chill Creamery’s Top Ten Flavors of 2023

[Photo]: Owner Gabby Mannino on opening day of Just Chill Creamery.

By: Addie Paulik and Haylee Leayman

A few minutes down the road from the Emmaus Triangle, you will find the new ice cream parlor Just Chill Creamery that opened just a little under 2 years ago. Located off Chestnut Street, you will find a scoop of heaven. Here are our top 10 choices of their hand dipped ice cream, when you decide to stop by!

#10 Nittany Paws

Starting at number 10, we have Nittany Paws. This vanilla based ice cream mixed with peanut butter cups, fudge swirls, and a dash of cinnamon is perfect for fudge lovers. The ratio of vanilla to fudge and peanut butter is perfect. If you prefer more fudge, consider adding some of their delicious hot fudge on top!

#9 Birthday Cake

Birthday cake has a birthday cake batter flavored base and is mixed with icing, cake pieces, and sprinkles. This flavor tends to be popular amongst kids, but in my opinion is scrumptious for all ages. 

#8 Pumpkin Cheesecake

This flavor is so popular it started as a seasonal flavor, but is now served all season. It has the spice and flavor of pumpkin pie, which is great for the fall season, but is balanced with smooth creamy cheesecake that makes it tasty all year round. It’s all combined into a sweet vanilla ice cream and is delectable. 

#7 Chocolate and vanilla 

These classics are often made in store by the owner, Gabby. These flavors are the favorites of many, old and young. With rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, these classics are definitely a fan favorite. You can never go wrong with chocolate and vanilla!

#6 Banana peanut butter chip

If you like bananas and peanut butter, banana peanut butter chip is the ice cream for you. It has a vanilla base with a peanut butter swirl, banana pieces, and chocolate chunks, this tasty ice cream has the perfect combination of flavors.

#5 Strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is a vanilla based ice cream with strawberry mixed in. It also has strawberry shortcake pieces. The flavor is very sweet, but the strawberry shortcake adds a bit of a crunch. This ice cream usually runs out within a few days, so if you see it in stock make sure to try it! 

#4 Chocolate chip cookie dough

This chocolate chip cookie dough is one of the best in the valley. It has chocolate chunks, chocolate chip cookie dough, and is mixed in a vanilla ice cream base. If you are a real chocolate chip cookie dough lover, you can add more chocolate chip cookie dough pieces on top!

#3 Caramel candy bar

Caramel candy bar is a delicious mix of caramel swirl, chocolate bites, and cookies all mixed into a caramel ice cream. It will remind you of the classic Twix candy bar. Whether you like left or right twix, you will love this flavor. 

#2 Cookies and cream

Cookies and cream is such a classic and you can never go wrong with it. It is just as you know it: vanilla ice cream with loads of oreo cookies folded in. The owner usually makes this flavor herself in store.

#1 Graham slam 

Our favorite pick from all of Just Chill’s flavors would be Graham Slam. The ice cream itself is graham cracker flavored and has crunchy chocolate bits with cookie dough texture. It is best with hot fudge or marshmallow sauce on top. 

Whether you like ice cream, italian ice, dole whip, or a sundae, Just Chill caters to many different taste palettes and people. There are even sugar free, dairy free, and non-icecream options. Just Chill Creamery is located at 1325 Chestnut street Emmaus, PA.  







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