Girls Basketball Changes This Season

 By: Hanin Suleiman

The girls basketball open gym is available now on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to anyone who’s interested. Every girl is welcome. Requirements would be in at least grades 9-12 for the new season. Open gyms are for anyone from 7th grade to 12th grade.

Paul Ziegenfus and Paul Sabinoa are the new coaches for the season. Coach Paul Ziegenfus   has been a SYA coach transitioning to a SHS coach and Coach Paul Sabino has been coaching for eight seasons. He has been the middle school Southern Lehigh coach for 5 years and for 2 years as the East Stroudsburg North Assistant Varsity Coach. He was also a baseball coach at ES North.

“I love teaching the game,“ Coach Paul Ziegenfus said. “I do know that I will try and change some things I saw last year. More importantly, I want to see each girl develop their basketball skills, get better than they were the day before. I want to see hard work, dedication, and I want to see a culture of girls wanting to play for each other and for us as coaches.  I want each girl to see themselves as part of building something great here at Salisbury.” 

“I absolutely love coaching the game of basketball,” Coach Paul Sabino said. “It’s allowed me to share my love of  the game of basketball with so many kids through the years. So as the season approaches I am feeling extremely excited…While I’ve been through so many ups and downs, my love of coaching has not changed. Thus far I am loving all the participants at Salisbury. I’ve always felt that connection… I have been absolutely blown away by the dedication of our team and the willingness to learn, grow and get better.  This attitude will lead to immeasurable success. I am extremely confident this will occur and that we are capable of playing elite fundamental basketball.”  

   Sophomore Maya Suleiman has been a part of the team for two years.  She’s fond of the new changes and thinks the season will be better this year.  She said, “I’m very excited to meet the new players on the team.”

New participants of the team Aseal Suleiman, Meredith Kelly and Casey Ehrie are all excited for the new season. Meredith Kelley, Aseal Suleiman and Casey Ehrie are familiar with one of the coaches and they all predict they will have a wonderful season. “I think it will be a nice change from middle school,” Meredeth Kelly said. 

Everyone predicts that the team will be successful this season. “I would like to see us competing in most games and I would love to see us win at least half our game,” Paul Ziegenfus said. 







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