The Way MVP is Chosen Needs to be Changed

By: Joshua Hudak

Nikola Jokic’ won the NBA MVP this year. Many people do not agree with this decision including coaches, players and the people. The media has chosen the MVP for a long time and it should be changed.

For many years, they have had people in the media pick the MVP. I believe the people that should pick are NBA legends, players and coaches because they actually know a lot about the sport. For the past couple of years, the MVP selected should not have been the MVP. Past winners such as Nikola Jokic’(2022, 2021), Giannis Antentokounmpo (2020, 2019), James Harden (2018) and Russell Westbrook (2017) have all won, but should not have been picked.

Players, coaches and the people that love the sport are not happy with how the MVP is picked. Some people in the media even have said they don’t understand basketball but are forced to vote on it. I believe that the MVP should be picked off of stats and the people’s choice.

The three candidates this year were Giannis Antentokounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks, Nikola Jokic’ from the Denver Nuggets and Joel Embid from the Philadelphia 76ers. The winner was Nikola Jokic’ but many don’t believe he should have gotten it. He was loved by the media and that is why he got MVP. He was picked for MVP in 2021 as well and has still been on top, so that is why he was picked again.

The way MVP is chosen should be changed. Many people would like it and it would give players a fair chance. The people, coaches and players should vote because they all know more than the media.






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