Taylor Swift Releasing Her Next Re-recorded Album?

Photo credits: @taylorswift on instagram

By : Olivia Bowersox

In 2019, Taylor Swift announced that she would be re-recording her first six albums, those of which were still owned by her previous executive Scooter Braun in disregard of her multiple attempts to get her life’s work back. Many were skeptical she would actually do this, including Braun himself. After years of speculation, Swift released “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” in April of 2021 and “Red (Taylor’s Version)” in November of 2021. 

Swift released her re-recorded single “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” on May 6th on Instagram. The single, from the 2014 album “1989,” was the first official announcement of “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” to be released in 2022. Her merchandise store also features a new “Swiftie Summer” collection made up of blues, purples, and neutral tones. Fans have speculated that this collection has a connection to the soon-to-be released album given the cover of the 2014 version being made up of primarily blues, purples, and neutral tones.

Swift had previously released “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”, however never made an official announcement of the release of the album. It had been months before the next single was released and the album was announced. After months of fighting and speculation over which album would be released next, Swift has finally announced “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” will be the next re-recorded album to be released.






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