Stranger Things Four: What You Need to Know


By: Maya Afif

After three years, Stranger Things season four is finally coming out on Netflix with Vol. 1 on May 27 and Vol. 2 on July 1. Seven of the nine episodes will be included in Vol. 1 and the last two will be included in Vol. 2. Stranger Things came out in 2016, still continuing now in 2022 and fans are going crazy for the new release of the fourth season.

On the Stranger Things Instagram, @strangerthingstv, many teasers have been posted for season four for several months now. They gave fans who follow many movie posters with subtle hints, the first 8 minutes of the first episode, and the final trailer. Not only did they give teasers, but they also gave some little refreshers as well as the background of each character so no one forgets anything about them for the fourth season of Stranger Things. Since all the seasons come out years apart from each other, it caused many people to forget what has happened in previous seasons. Here is a refresher of each season which could be helpful before you continue to Stranger Things season four.

In the very first season, the plot starts off with a group of four friends named Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will who live in a small town of Hawkins, Indiana which takes place in 1983. One of the boys in the group named Will mysteriously disappears after encountering a creature biking home from playing the game Dungeons & Dragons with the rest of his friends. There is an extremely important character who shows up in season one named Eleven, and she is a girl that has telekinesis. For most of the season, the characters then attempt to defeat this creature while trying to get their friends back either surviving or dying along the way. 

In season two there are new characters named Max and Billy appear in this season who are also siblings. Not much differs from season one, but a new creature named the Mind Flayer appears and starts doing the same actions as the creature in season one did. Eleven, the girl with telekinesis, meets a group of people who also have powers. Along the way in this season, new relationships are born, but more deaths appear as well.

Last left off on season three, another new character Robin is introduced who works with a previous character Steve at Starcourt Mall. Starcourt Mall is a new mall that had just opened up and the group of friends that includes Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Eleven, and Max can finally live as teens again by going there and having fun. However, Will still has some PTSD from everything that happened to him and the Mind Flayer that is still creeping around. Russians, rats, and many other things are also lurking around that involve the Mind Flayer. Everyone thought it might be the end of all the monsters, but it really was not.

From all the actors getting older from when they were in 2016, many people thought that after Stranger Things season four, there would not be a Stranger Things season five. Yet, Stranger Things got renewed for both a fourth and fifth season. Stranger Things will most likely end on the fifth season, and even though Stranger Things season four looks like an important season yet to come, season five may be the biggest one yet.






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