Salisbury’s Sinkhole

By: Andrew Grejda

At the home field of the Falcons, the baseball team hasn’t had a true home game in weeks. The team will most likely not be seeing their home field for the rest of the season too, with a sinkhole out in center field. The sinkhole was found on April 4th. 

The maintenance crew at Salisbury high school doesn’t know the entire size of the sinkhole. The ground underneath can be hollow, but they haven’t found out yet.

“It is currently a foot wide in circumference, with it being about a foot or a foot and a half deep. The problem is that the actual pipe breakage is 5-6 feet deep, which we are going to have to dig down, and repair the pipe,” said Mr. Brackett. 

This is different from a normal sinkhole though; a normal sinkhole is when limestone or other rocks start to break up and the land falls away. Salisbury isn’t the only team with a sinkhole too, with Bethlehem Catholic having one also. 

“This one is from a broken pipe. All of the water that falls onto the rooftops on the high school goes through a drainage system, which runs under the baseball field. This pipe has broken, and created all that dirt to wash away,” said Mr. Brackett.

The pipe break is really slowing the process down of fixing it. The more and more they wait, the more damage that can come. 

“We need to get heavy equipment in to dig up and fix the field then. Trying to get out as soon as possible to get the field back together,” said Mr. Brackett.

Senior Tim Schware said, “It’s obviously very disappointing and I wish we could play on our home field. We have to stay focused with what is ahead though, making it to the district playoffs.” Even without a home field, the Falcons managed to pull it off. Districts are now right around the corner. 

The baseball field isn’t looking the greatest. The team is hoping for more to come once it’s fixed. The teams, such as Connie Mack and Legion, that play here will hopefully be back by summer. The Falcons are waiting for their true home field, the home field of the Falcons. 



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