6 Instagram Content Ideas

By: Maya Afif & Stella Strickland

  1. Friends: Though it can be basic, posting pictures with friends on your profile is great! Posts with your friends can show other people the fun memories your friend group has had together. It can bring plenty of emotion and happiness to your feed.
  1. Room Pictures: Posting pictures of your room can be appealing in multiple ways. The post could give others inspiration for their own rooms and even gain attraction to your profile. Pictures of your room could add some features to your profile as well!
  1. Sunsets/nature: Pictures of sunsets and nature usually never need editing. Usually, you can post these on your story with your favorite music, but even as a normal post, the pictures are always pretty. Sometimes seeing selfies the entire time you scroll is boring, but adding sunsets and nature can give your followers a break. 
  1. Photo Dumps: These types of posts are usually fun to scroll through because they are just random photos without any themes. I personally like photo dumps better than posts with a theme because it makes the posts more fun.
  1. Outfit Pictures: Posting pictures of your outfit can give inspiration to people who don’t know what to wear the next day; you could also just show off your outfit. I look forward to seeing what people wear because I like seeing different color combinations or outfits I have never tried. 
  1. Polaroid Pictures: Polaroid pictures are similar to friend posts. However, they can contain a bunch of different photos in one Instagram post. It can look cute and vintage in a way if that is what you are going for!






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