Mr. Salisbury is Back

By: Mason Dickert

Mr. Salisbury is a mix of a talent show, pageant, group choreographed dance, awards, dressing up and a Q&A while introducing the participating Salisbury senior boys. Mr. Salisbury was not able to happen for the past few years because of COVID-19; however, many people are excited to see this return to the schedule. This event will take place at the Salisbury High School auditorium today, at seven p.m. 

This is the first Mr. Salisbury event being held since 2019. The last show winner was Sean Snyder and he was able to win the event from an impersonation of former high school math teacher Mr. Pearce. This year there will be a total of eight seniors participating. These seniors are: Anthony Scarcia, Hunter Bleam, Tyson Utesch, Hunter Rothrock, Carver Moyer, Kevin Smith, Ben Krauss and Ifrahim Ansari. There are two coaches helping put together the event who are Jersey Gruver and Jillian Stoeckel.

Senior Mr. Salisbury contestant Hunter Rothrock said, “I think it’s a great tradition, fun opportunity to put the pride aside, make a goof of yourself and to have fun with some good fellas.”

Setting up this event was not the easiest for the director Mr. Hahn. Some of the challenges he faced were finding seniors to commit to this show, finding practice time and “finding talents for untalented people.” He has a goal for the event to create a very fun and memorable experience for the seniors as their high school career winds down.

Math teacher and Mr. Salisbury director Mr. Hahn said, “I am very excited for the students to be able to bring back this fun and special event. It’s been a long time and I am looking forward to seeing everyone display their talents and see which one is crowned Mr. Salisbury.”

Sophomore, Zack Baab who plans to attend said, “ I think it is going to be a very fun event and it will help bring the Salisbury community together. I think that senior Anthony Scarcia is going to be the winner of Mr. Salisbury.”

The event will take place at seven p.m. today, May 12, 2022. Make sure to purchase your tickets in advance because if you buy them early it will cost you only $3 in room 107, but if you buy them at the door it will cost you $5.






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