Girl’s Softball Coming to an End

By: Stella Strickland

The softball team for Salisbury High School has only won 3 of their 13 games this season. But, they have had many games and plays that need highlighting, including the active members of the team.

Their season is coming to an end, today May 12.  Softball currently plays on the middle school field as a home field. They also have had many home games at Pates Park. 

There are only 4 upperclassmen on the softball team this year. I talked to Marcie Silberman, a senior on the softball team and she said that, “The softball season so far has had a rough start. We’ve got a few wins this season but we should have quite a few more wins that we gave away.” 

Even though their record is not as outstanding as they want it to be, the team dynamic means a lot to them. Amelia Swoyer, a freshman on the softball team, is really close with her team. She said that “Upperclassmen really put the team together.” The team dynamic was extremely evident during the two girls’ interviews and obviously makes their season better.

There was a significant change to the softball team; Coach Brennan who is a library media specialist in the middle school and a varsity field hockey coach is now also the new softball coach for the high school. Marcie also said that, “The whole dynamic of the team has changed. She’s tough but amazing. She isn’t afraid to push us and she always gives positive feedback and is so motivating. She is the dream coach that everyone should want to have.” 

Because of the growing softball team and new coach, the softball team is sure to finish their season off strong, and in the seasons to come they will do even better. 







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