Month: May 2022

  • 10 Makeup Products That Are Worth The Hype

    10 Makeup Products That Are Worth The Hype

    By: Reina Escobar I have been interested in makeup ever since I was in sixth grade. Since then, I have spent a lot of money and tried many different products that have been popularized by social media. Some of the products I bought, such as the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil and Laura Mercier Translucent…

  • Stranger Things Four: What You Need to Know

    Stranger Things Four: What You Need to Know

    @strangerthingstv By: Maya Afif After three years, Stranger Things season four is finally coming out on Netflix with Vol. 1 on May 27 and Vol. 2 on July 1. Seven of the nine episodes will be included in Vol. 1 and the last two will be included in Vol. 2. Stranger Things came out in…

  • by Destynie Lichtenwalner

    by Destynie Lichtenwalner

  • 6 Instagram Content Ideas

    6 Instagram Content Ideas

    By: Maya Afif & Stella Strickland Friends: Though it can be basic, posting pictures with friends on your profile is great! Posts with your friends can show other people the fun memories your friend group has had together. It can bring plenty of emotion and happiness to your feed. Room Pictures: Posting pictures of your…

  • Salisbury’s Sinkhole

    Salisbury’s Sinkhole

    By: Andrew Grejda At the home field of the Falcons, the baseball team hasn’t had a true home game in weeks. The team will most likely not be seeing their home field for the rest of the season too, with a sinkhole out in center field. The sinkhole was found on April 4th.  The maintenance…

  • Val’s Comic Corner

    Val’s Comic Corner

  • Keystone Testing Begins

    Keystone Testing Begins

    By: Nolan Grejda Keystone Testing is back at Salisbury High School. After taking a break due to the pandemic, students will start to take them again. Testing dates this year are from Monday, May 16 to Tuesday, May 24.  The Keystones start Monday and Tuesday, May 16 and 17, with the algebra 1 exams. The…

  • Girl’s Softball Coming to an End

    Girl’s Softball Coming to an End

    By: Stella Strickland The softball team for Salisbury High School has only won 3 of their 13 games this season. But, they have had many games and plays that need highlighting, including the active members of the team. Their season is coming to an end, today May 12.  Softball currently plays on the middle school…

  • Mr. Salisbury is Back

    Mr. Salisbury is Back

    By: Mason Dickert Mr. Salisbury is a mix of a talent show, pageant, group choreographed dance, awards, dressing up and a Q&A while introducing the participating Salisbury senior boys. Mr. Salisbury was not able to happen for the past few years because of COVID-19; however, many people are excited to see this return to the…

  • Twirlers Take 1st Place

    Twirlers Take 1st Place

    By: Haylee Leayman This past weekend, the Salisbury Twirlers traveled to Wildwood, New Jersey for the TIA Atlantic Coast Championships and took the 1st place title. It was held at the Convention Center on the boardwalk in Wildwood Crest. This was their first time back since 2019 due to COVID-19 precautions.  This year the team…