SHS Students Travel to Washington D.C.

By: Nolan Grejda

Photos by: Haylee Leayman

Students at Salisbury High School traveled to Washington D.C. on Tues., Apr. 19, 2022. Students enrolled in American Cultures II went on this trip to see the Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

Students had learned about the Holocaust earlier this school year and looked forward to taking the trip. This trip was supposed to be in the fall but was moved due to the pandemic status.

Arriving in Washington D.C. around 11:15 that morning, students walked through the museum and relived the events of the Holocaust. The events of the Holocaust were separated into three main floors: Nazi Assualt, The “Final Solution” and the Last Chapter. Each floor provided students with photos and descriptions of what was going on.

Sophomore Olivia Bowersox commented on her experiences sharing, “I thought this was a much-needed experience. I learned so much more about the Holocaust walking through this museum and the separation of the floors made it much easier to follow the events of it.”

After walking through the events described in the museum, students and teachers on the trip further toured Washington D.C. Some places students visited were the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. In addition to seeing other memorials, groups went to food trucks and bought many souvenirs. Sophomore Brooke Bleam said, “seeing the other memorials after the Holocaust museum was very interesting. The other memorials were informative and cool, but walking to food trucks and buying all the different souvenirs was the best.”

The students and staff left D.C. around 4:15 that day. With more information than they previously had, students enrolled in American Cultures II enjoyed the field trip they were waiting for. Not only did they learn more about the Holocaust, but they went on a trip most never will.






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