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Best and Worst Fast Food Items

By: Maya Afif & Stella Strickland



(Maya) McNuggets- The McNuggets at Mcdonald’s never fail to impress me. It is always the right amount of crunch and warmness. The flavor feels like it melts in my mouth. The nuggets go with almost any sauce as well. My personal favorite sauces to dip them in are sweet and sour, tangy barbeque, and tangy honey mustard.

(Maya) McChicken- McChickens are easily one of the best chicken sandwiches. Though it is obviously processed, the flavors are delectable. It is a simple chicken sandwich that can go with any meal. However, the only con is that sometimes it can have a bit too much mayo.

(Stella) Fries- The fries at McDonald’s always manage to be delicious, especially when they are fresh. They are amazing when they are salted perfectly; not too much but not too little. It’s easily the best go-to item at Mcdonald’s. 


(Stella) Filet-O-Fish- I don’t even know where to start with this item. Even the name of this food sounds rancid. Imagine eating fish at a fast-food restaurant-disgusting. If this is your favorite item at McDonald’s that is your opinion, but that’s gross. 



(Stella) Spicy Chicken Sandwich- This is by far one of the best foods at Wendy’s. I always get this chicken sandwich because I like the spice level, and in my opinion,  it is so much better than the regular chicken sandwich. The chicken is always crispy and eating it with a cold soda is always the best. 

(Maya) Fries- The fries at Wendy’s are obviously not the best like fries at McDonald’s, but they are still very delicious. I have had them unsalted and salted. Either way, they still have an incredible amount of flavor, and they are a menu item I always crave from Wendy’s.


(Stella)  Salads- I have tried the salads from Wendy’s and honestly they aren’t that good at all. I have tried the one salad with different types of fruit in it and the lettuce was probably the worst part. Overall, I would recommend getting something different from Wendy’s. 



(Stella) Broccoli Cheddar Soup- I manage to get the broccoli cheddar soup from Panera every single time I go. I honestly think it is the best item from the Panera menu. Even if I don’t want Panera but my mom and brother do, I’ll still get that and be fine with it.

(Maya) Mac N Cheese- After this Panera mac & cheese got exposed for actually being pre-made frozen, many people have not felt the same way about it. On the other hand, I really do not care. This mac & cheese is super cheesy and is even good hot or cold. It is always one of my go-to’s every time I go to Panera.

(Maya) Caesar Salad- This is not my go-to, but I do get the caesar salad at Panera every now and then, and it is absolutely delicious. In the caesar salad at Panera, it is the perfect amount of every ingredient. You can add chicken to the salad, but you also can remove it. I remove the chicken because I think the salad tastes better without it in my opinion.


(Stella) Toasted Frontega Chicken- It might have been the time that I got the food, but from what I’ve gotten at Panera, it is still the worst. The chicken wasn’t good and neither was the vegetables on it. Overall, I wouldn’t get it again but some other people might like it.



(Stella) Chicken Nuggets- I get chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a almost every time I go. They are by far the best food there. If you are a picky eater, you will most likely still like this item. 

(Maya) Spicy Chicken Sandwiches- Basically every spicy chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a is amazing. I like normal chicken sandwiches, but I feel like spicy ones have way more flavor. My personal favorite is the spicy chicken deluxe sandwich at Chick-fil-a. It has pepper jack cheese on it and many vegetables, which add even more flavor.


(Stella) Grilled Chicken Sandwich- The normal chicken sandwiches are so much better than the grilled chicken sandwich. The grilled one was dry and not good at all. If I want to get a healthy option, I’d rather get a salad. 



(Stella) Burrito Bowl- Even though I only had Chipotle once, I think that the burrito bowl is really good. I like the chicken and all of the vegetables you can put on it. I would definitely get this again from Chipotle. 


(Maya) Tacos- The tacos at Chipotle are just not good. I mean, they were not terrible, but I never got them again after that first time. If you really want tacos, don’t go to Chipotle. It literally tastes like a fajita or burrito that is not even that good. 

Burger King


(Stella) Chicken Fries- I have only eaten Burger King once in my life and I remember trying the chicken fries. It looked like the only decent thing on the menu at the time and they were pretty good. The chicken wasn’t that bad and I thought it was cool because it wasn’t just normal chicken nuggets. 

(Maya) Whoppers- I have had Burger King a bunch of times since my family would enjoy it. I would usually get the whoppers. It was not actually that bad of a burger and I would maybe get it again if I got Burger King. However, this burger is probably near the end of my list if I had to rate burgers from fast-food restaurants.


(Maya) Chicken Nuggets- I don’t even know where to start with these. These chicken nuggets are so dry. They have no flavor at all either. Thinking about these nuggets makes me cringe. I’m sorry if you like nuggets from Burger King, but I would never get them again. 

(Maya) Fries- I am not going to hate on these fries too much, but they are not good. I would much rather choose any other fast food restaurant like McDonald’s or Chick-fil-a’s fries over Burger King’s fries. I have gotten the fries from Burger King both unsalted and salted to see what I liked better, but both were awful.






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