Maya & Stella: Lists and Reviews

This or That Fashion 

By: Stella Strickland & Maya Afif 

This or that: Crop tops vs Oversized shirts 

Maya: Oversized shirt 

To me, oversized shirts are way more comfortable and can go with almost anything. For example, you can pair an oversized shirt with jeans, leggings, and sweatpants. 

Stella: Crop tops 

I like wearing crop tops with a baggy zip-up hoodie over them. I like the combination of an oversized sweatshirt and a tight shirt.

This or That: Leggings vs Sweatpants 

Maya: Leggings

Personally, I think leggings go better with things than sweatpants. They might be a little tight, but they are simple and I wear them pretty much every day.

Stella: Sweatpants 

I chose sweatpants because I like the different styles and the different ways to style them. I also think that sweatpants look better with a lot of sneakers rather than leggings. 

This or That: Skinny jeans vs Mom jeans

Maya: Mom jeans

I do not have many skinny jeans, but I do have a lot of mom jeans. They add more style to outfits in my opinion and are not as tight like skinny jeans.

Stella: Mom jeans 

I own more mom jeans than skinny jeans and I think mom jeans match more outfits. 

This or That: Nike vs Converse (Shoes) 

Maya: Nike

Though I own converse as well, I like Nike more. The Nike shoes I own are more comfortable than converse. Shoes such as my Airmaxes might not go with a lot, but they still are one of the pairs I own. 

Stella: Nike 

I am always looking for new releases on Nike, so naturally, I chose Nike as my favorite shoe brand. I own Air Forces, Dunks and Jordan’s, so it’s obvious why I chose Nike. 

This or That: Necklaces vs Bracelets

Maya: Bracelets

I do not wear much jewelry, but if I had to choose between necklaces and bracelets, I would choose bracelets. If I am being honest, I do not think I look very good in necklaces. However, I think bracelets are cute and there are always so many different options to choose from at the store. 

Stella: Both 

I wear jewelry all the time so this was a hard decision. I wear bracelets all the time and do not take some of them off. I also wear necklaces constantly which I almost never take off, so I had to choose both.  







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