Baseball Season has Begun

By: Andrew Grejda and Mason Dickert

For the past few weeks, baseball has been having open gyms to allow students to warm up for the start of the season which was on March 7, 2022. Last year, the high school barely had two teams, but this year the coaches had to make cuts. 

This year, the teams are looking better than last. Despite the loss of graduate Quinn Warmkessel, the team is improving. There was a greater turnout with players this year, around 30 showing up for every pre-season and in-season practice. Although some cuts were made, there are more players on each team than last year, having more subs that can play different positions. 

Last year, the Falcons started off hot, going 3-0. The Falcons varsity squad finished with a record of 7-13 last season, and they all want more this season. This year, they plan on doing the same. Errors were one of the biggest parts of their losses, and by minimizing those, they have a great chance of winning more games. 

“We’ve got a great group of hard-working fellas. I think we’ll be one of the better teams that others have to face. We should have a great year,” says senior Hunter Rothrock. 

Sophomore Jake Zellin said, “I expect the team to come out strong at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season. Last year we came out strong by being 3-0 in the beginning but we finished our season being 7-13. I feel that this season will be better than last year.”

The Falcons junior varsity squad had two wins last season, and want much more this season. Last year the JV squad barely had a team, and now there are many students who showed up. The freshmen this year will help the team pull in some more wins.

Freshman James Scialla said, “I like our young group of freshmen that we have this year. Our pitching is definitely going to be exciting to see how well we can do. I am looking forward to the group that we will have and also play with.”

We hope to see the varsity team start off strong at home today, March 16 for their first scrimmage against Tamaqua.



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