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Best and Worst Watches 

By: Stella Strickland & Maya Afif 

We watch too much TV, so naturally, we had to rate the best and worst shows/TV shows. We are rating them by how much we like the plot, characters, and the show overall. If you haven’t seen any of these shows or movies, we recommend you watch some!

(Stella’s Review) Euphoria 9/10: The show Euphoria is about a group of high school students. There are relationships, drugs, drama, and more. Some parts of the show are extremely intense and it is overall an amazing show.

Characters: In this show, Fezco and Ashtray are my favorite characters. I think that some characters need to be written better which is why the overall rating is a nine.  

Plot: The plot is all over the place which makes it very interesting. There are many relatable issues for some people such as drugs, abuse and family issues. I rate this show a 9/10 because I think it is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I am always on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next.

(Maya’s Review) The After series 4/10: After is a series that is based on an actual fan fiction by Anna Todd that is pretty cringe. The original story from fan fiction was about a college girl named Tessa who fell in love with Harry Styles, who was a bad boy. The fan fiction got sued by Harry Styles’ team, which is why the After series got created. A few things got changed around in the movies, but it is still overall terrible since it is so similar.

Characters: In the After series, I do not have a favorite character. Almost all the characters in this series are corny like Tessa, the main character, and Harden, her lover. The characters were based on fanfiction, which is why I think they are so terrible.

Plot: The plot of this strange series follows a girl, Tessa Young, a high school graduate. There are many problems in her life and many changes, but one reason the plot is so terrible is that it falls off-topic at the most unusual times. However, the movies are so bad, it makes you want to watch more, which is mainly the reason the rating is a 4/10.

(Stella’s Review) The Walking Dead 8.5/10: The Walking Dead is a show that takes place during an apocalypse and has many different characters and settings. There is always something new happening and it’s overall a pretty fantastic show.  

Characters: Almost all of my favorite characters in this show are dead, but I still continue to watch it. Tyreese, Jesus, Glenn, Rosita, Alden, and Rick. I have so many more but I can not list them all. Some of the worst characters are Shane, Merle, Lizzie, early seasons Negan. I love how all of the characters have a backstory and it is so easy to get connected to them. 

Plot: The plot starts with the main character Rick trying to find his family after “the fall.” He finds them along with a group of people and they have to keep moving in order to survive. There are always new characters and settings making it interesting. I rated it an 8.5 because they always kill off the best characters and some of the plots get too ridiculous and extreme. 

(Maya’s Review) Gilmore Girls 8.5/10: Gilmore Girls is a show from the 2000s following the life of Lorelai Gilmore and her sixteen-year-old daughter Rory Gilmore. They go through many obstacles in their lives but also have great times in their small town in Connecticut. The show feels like you are actually there with them and overall is great.

Characters: The characters in Gilmore Girls are absolutely amazing. Two of my favorites are Sookie and Lane. They are both great characters who are both so sweet and have hilarious moments. However, part of the reason Gilmore Girls is an 8.5/10 is because Rory’s character goes downhill in a way. After the first couple of seasons, her character was not so great and honestly, she was not much of a sweet girl anymore.

Plot: The plot of this show is really outstanding and keeps you interested throughout most of the seasons. Although, I do feel like the first few seasons were better than the ones towards the end, which is another reason why Gilmore Girls is an 8.5/10. I felt it was more interesting and the characters were better in the first few seasons than the last couple ones as well.

(Maya’s Review) The Tall Girl series 5/10: Tall Girl only has two movies out at the moment. It is about a girl named Jodi who is extremely taller than everyone else. She gets made fun of about her height and struggles a lot with it in many different ways. Though it seems interesting, it is overall corny and not so pleasing.

Characters: My favorite character in this movie is Fareeda. She is honestly the only funny character who makes me laugh. The rest of the characters are all cheesy and always say the wrong things, which is why they are so cringe. The characters are one of the main reasons I give this series a 5/10.

Plot: The plot of these movies feels all over the place. Random things happen in both of them that are not necessary. My least favorite movie was especially the second one. I got bored right away. The only reason I enjoyed the movie is that they are so cringe, you want to see what will happen next. This is the other main reason I give the Tall Girl series a 5/10.

(Stella’s Review) Bojack Horseman 7/10: This is an animated series about Bojack Horseman who previously was an actor. He struggles with popularity, depression, and addiction. He also is very bad at keeping any type of relationship, platonic or not. Overall, the show is a good mix of funny and sad. 

Characters: My favorite characters in the show so far since I have not finished it are Diane, Todd, and Princess Carolyn. Bojack is a very complex character and shows the reality of mental illness which I think is very important. 

Plot: This show revolves around Bojack’s life and how he messes up almost everything in his life. He always ruins relationships and then makes up, Or revives his career and kills it again. It shows the ups and downs of his life and how the people around him are affected by it. I rated a 7/10 because it is not the best show I have ever seen, but it is still a show that keeps me interested. 






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