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Best Study Habits For Upcoming Tests

By: Stella Strickland and Maya Afif

Finding good study habits can be difficult. If you are struggling with finding great techniques with suitable outcomes, read this list! Maya and I have used all of these strategies which have helped us each time. 

  1. Put your phone to the side! At the end of the day, there really is no need for your phone during studying. It is a big distraction and can set you off track and ruin your attention span. You may see a text message or notification of some sort and immediately go to that instead of studying.
  2. Take breaks! You don’t have to study for hours on end to be successful while studying. Sometimes, studying for a set amount of time, taking a break, and studying again is even more efficient. For example, study for 15 minutes and take a 10-minute break, then repeat.
  3. Quiz yourself first! Though you might not know all the information, it is important to quiz yourself first to see what you already know. This will help you figure out what information you need to study and memorize more!
  4. Write down the information! Even if you are reading your friends’ notes, or reading notes a teacher provided, it is still helpful to write down the information yourself. It helps with memorization and understanding. 
  5. Stay consistent! If you need to study often for tests, create a simple routine. If you study at a certain time each day, you are less likely to procrastinate and never get it done.
  6. Be organized with your information! Your notes may be extremely scattered and bunched together. Organizing them into little sections and studying each of them individually can help with knowing what the topics are about and understanding them better.

Start by choosing a couple of these tips to try out and stick with what works best for you. Using these helpful tips may improve your test-taking skills and overall scores. 







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