Month: March 2022

  • Salisbury’s Scrimmages

    Salisbury’s Scrimmages

    By: Andrew Grejda and Mason Dickert The Salisbury baseball teams had a scrimmage against Brandywine Heights, Monday, March 21. The varsity team was away at Brandywine High School and the junior varsity team was home at Salisbury High School.  “I thought we pitched well, and we scored the guys that were in scoring position. Our…

  • Val’s Comic Corner

    Val’s Comic Corner

    Lack of motivation.

  • Val’s Comic Corner

    Val’s Comic Corner

    Deforestation is contributing to global warming, which is melting the ice in Antarctica and endangering animals.

  • Is “Racism By Association” Reaching?

    Is “Racism By Association” Reaching?

    By: Reina Escobar As someone surrounded by many privileged people, I have heard questionable, ignorant things fly out of their mouths. For example, once one of my white friends made a joke about black history month. As a person of color, who does not let that slide, I told him that it was not appropriate…

  • The Climb Up

    The Climb Up

    By: Maya D In 2012, traveling was known to be fun, exciting and adventurous, but in 2022, ten years later, it is a risk for your safety and health. In the span of those ten years, a lot had unraveled from a global pandemic that forced everyone into their homes to put on masks, to…

  • Salisbury Sports Trivia

    Salisbury Sports Trivia On Friday the 26th the winners will be put into a lottery and the name picked gets a sweet prize.

  • Maya & Stella: Lists and Reviews

    Maya & Stella: Lists and Reviews

    This or That Fashion  By: Stella Strickland & Maya Afif  This or that: Crop tops vs Oversized shirts  Maya: Oversized shirt  To me, oversized shirts are way more comfortable and can go with almost anything. For example, you can pair an oversized shirt with jeans, leggings, and sweatpants.  Stella: Crop tops  I like wearing crop…

  • Let’s Take 3: Episode 3

    Hi, and we are Let’s Take 3! Our names are Olivia, Nolan, and Haylee, and we do short vlogs! These videos are here to make you laugh and really bring a smile to your face. From challenges to skits, we will do it all! Some episodes even might feature special guests like other students and…

  • Sunsets Over Salisbury

  • Val’s Comic Corner

    Val’s Comic Corner