Baby Steps into Motherhood 

An interview with Lesli Perez, an expectant mother

By: Katherine Medina

From the beginning of time the word mother has been the basis of goodness. Mother nature, motherland and motherhood. The stem of a new beginning and the core of the sweetest fruit is how some women would describe the bonded relationship between a newborn and the mother. 

Lesli Perez is a 25 year old, soon-to-be mother, expecting a baby boy late January. In preparation, Lesli and Brian have bought clothes and diapers. The physical composure seemed to be easy for the couple but Leslie was in doubt about the mental preparation. 

 “I feel like it’s something you could never be ready for.”

Entering labor has been said to test a mother’s physical and emotional stamina. The abundance of stress applied on a woman during the last few hours is incomparable.  When asked about the birth process, Lesli responded with a worrisome look. 

 “I am terrified.”

At the end of the tunnel shines a light which can be held in one’s arms at time of the delivery. Both parents are beyond grateful for the opportunity to bring new life into this world. 

“Brian and I are excited to have Adrian Medina in our lives. We’ve built a bond together that is strong enough to support our new baby boy.”

Since her pregnancy experience has given her trouble, Lesli couldn’t begin to imagine how birth would feel like. 

“I’ve had a bad experience overall.” I was told you are only supposed to throw up the first three months, 8 months go by and I’m still throwing up. Along with that I have really bad heart burn so I have to sleep laying up.”

Lesli’s late nights were accompanied by pregnancy cravings.

“My desire for chili was strange to me, and it continued for about a month, but now I hate chili. I found myself having a strong liking for apple juice as well.” 

The man in charge to make her cravings a reality was Brian Medina. He was there by her side every step of the way. Becoming a father meant a lot to Brian as he expressed this during the interview. 

“I will work to be the best for my kid, I can’t wait to cherish every little moment as we start a new family.” 

In the meantime, the couple has their arms stretched out wide, ready to hold their beloved boy.

Update: Lesli Perez and Brian Medina introduced Adrian Medina by C-section Jan. 18 2022 at 11:41 am. The baby boy weighed 9lbs 3oz and was 20in tall.






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