Students and Faculty are Here for the Bulletin Boards

By: Maya Afif and Stella Strickland

The Newspaper Journalism team made different creations on a bulletin board by Mr. Barna’s room for students and teachers to participate in a fun and entertaining activity. For the holidays, the bulletin board will have different themes, such as games regarding holidays or events in the newspaper and journalism class. 

Thanksgiving break and winter break were not too long ago, and students went home to enjoy some turkey with their families. This means the students should be expecting more creative bulletin boards.

Before the Thanksgiving break, students and teachers voted for their favorite traditional foods on the bulletin board. The members of Newspaper Journalism created a “This or That” board where students and teachers could choose between the foods based on which one they like more. 

Teachers had fun voting on the bulletin board as well. Mrs. Basile, a biology teacher, shared, “I thought that the thanksgiving “this or that” bulletin board was fun! The options that were included were very appropriate and made me look forward to Thanksgiving dinner!” 

Before the Thanksgiving “this or that” bulletin board interactive, there was another interactive full of different news writing topics on the board. Students and teachers would vote on which topic they would like to hear about. 

A freshman who voted herself on the bulletin board, Alanah Kemmerer, gave her opinion. “I liked the board. It was fun to contribute to it.”

The results for the Thanksgiving “this or that” bulletin board was a success. With a total of 74 votes, the answers varied. The top voted ones were mashed potatoes vs. mac and cheese which won 11-6; apple pie vs. pumpkin pie won 11-3; regular potatoes vs. sweet potatoes won 9-5.

Along with the shared opinions about the bulletin board, Newspaper Journalism student Katherine Medina, who came up with the bulletin board idea, also explained the purpose of the interactable board. “The purpose of this is to interact with students and staff, while still advertising our high school newspaper SHSPRESS.COM. We then use this information to base our articles on students’ opinions.” 

Since the basketball season has started recently, the bulletin board was updated with a new interactive bracket about basketball. Students and teachers will vote if they think boys or girls basketball will win their games for the week, fighting for the weekly record. 

From all the holidays and different events coming up, the Newspaper Journalism team will try to update the bulletin boards as often as possible to make the anticipation of the months coming up more exciting. 






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