G.I.V.E.: What is it?

By: Nolan Grejda

G.I.V.E., a club that has been running for 3 years, is highly active at Salisbury High School. Whether it be wanting to help your community or be involved in a club, this is exactly what G.I.V.E. is.

G.I.V.E. is a club that was started by Nevaeh Robinson and Lindsey Rapp, students who graduated in 2021. Neveah and Lindsey started this club their junior year and the club stands for Get Involved, Value Everyone. Basing this club’s values off of those words, new president Bella Natosi hopes to continue the club and have it grow to involve more students.

“It was decided my freshman year that I would be taking over as president,” Bella stated. “It was a difficult transition because we weren’t in school because of COVID but I’m happy with what G.I.V.E. is becoming and growing to be. We already have done a mac and cheese drive and our necessities drive was a hit!” 

This club is growing every day and new members join when interested. Here’s what a few members had to say about G.I.V.E. “G.I.V.E. is service,” Bailee Neitz stated. “G.I.V.E. is valuable,” Kendall Schaffer added. “G.I.V.E. is family,” Samantha Carol commented. Whether it be wanting to make a difference in your community to wanting to participate in a school club, “G.I.V.E. is an accepting place and anyone is welcome,” president Natosi exclaimed!

If you would like to know more about G.I.V.E. or want to join, please contact Ms. Schneider at aschneider@salisburysd.org or talk to president Bella Natosi about joining!






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