What’s With the Mask? 

By: Destynie Lichtenwalner

Two years later and masks are still thriving throughout Salisbury High School. How much longer will this continue? Salisbury held another board meeting Dec. 6 to decipher how much longer masking will last. This time around, however, Salisbury has a whole new team of decision makers. 

As of now, it is unknown what these new members believe or even what they think. The state mandate for masking in PA schools expires Dec. 4, just two days before Salisbury High School was set to make their new decision as to whether their students will continue to mask or not. 

Masking was once a part of daily life, now however, many places no longer require masks, such as stores and/or restaurants. The fear of COVID and the feeling of needing to wear a mask has become irrelevant. So, why are they still required in schools? 

Many people have their own opinions along with having to follow certain rules. For instance, Salisbury’s yearbook social media team were in the process of creating an advertisement for students to vote for yearbook themes. The project was then taken down because the two stars of the short video were not wearing masks. 

Even with the most innocent intentions, masking rules have become extensive and overpowering. 

With data provided by Salisbury’s COVID dashboard, members of Salisbury’s community are able to view active cases within the school district. At the moment, Salisbury Elementary School, SES, currently has the most of the reported cases with a report of 8 students and 2 staff members. 

Here’s the key question, what’s with the mask? Is this plan of masking truly working to keep communities safe? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.






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