Salisbury Boys Basketball: First Game Ahead

By: Andrew Grejda and Mason Dickert

Salisbury boys basketball is now preparing for the upcoming games in the season. The first game for the boys is on Dec. 11 at Oley Valley. This game is going to be a great way to start off the season, win or lose. This will provide all of the players with a preview of the team’s performance. 

The 2020 boys team came off of making the league, and the district playoff last year. Last year’s team was full of seniors and juniors. This year’s team is looking very different. There are 6 seniors and 2 juniors, but the rest are sophomores with 1 freshman.

“I think all the guys have been working hard and I’ve been happy with how the practices have been going,” said Coach Weaver. The team has been working hard, as they approach their first game against Oley Valley. The last time the boys team played Oley valley, had a hard-fought battle, winning in double overtime. 

The sophomores this year will play a big role, having to step up when needed for varsity.

“There are guys becoming varsity starters this year, while others are playing varsity for the first time. Having guys step up will be a big thing” said Coach Weaver. 

“We definitely have to rely on our bench this year, even with only 15 healthy guys,” said senior starter Tyson Utesch. With only 5 seniors, they won’t be able to play every minute of the game. They will need some rest and may also get into foul trouble. 

Senior starter Hunter Bleam stated about the preseason scrimmages, ”Seeing us against Nazareth and Pleasant Valley, that the team chemistry will be there.” Even with the guys that have been playing together all their lives, the younger guys haven’t played with them until now. 
The first game is tomorrow Dec. 11 at Oley Valley. The team has been working hard, and both of the seniors are ready and excited to play. Win or lose, this will be a very special game for the entire team. If you can’t make it today, watch the live stream at Oley Valley NFHS Streaming.






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