The Hunt for a New Librarian

By: Valerie Wallace

Over the past two weeks, the library has been a mess due to the absence of the librarian, Ms. Burns. Books have been misplaced, everything is out of order, and students are struggling to find books they need. It turns out that Ms. Burns is no longer working at the high school and a new librarian is taking the position. 

The high school has been without a librarian for about three weeks, which means substitutes like Mr. Pennella have been doing their best to keep the library open and help the students find what they need. 

The librarian plays an important role in the high school. In the past, Ms. Burns did a wonderful job of supporting students in their reading choices, managing digital resources, co-teaching with other teachers and running the literary club and reading olympics.

Ms. Morningstar said, “I think that this position is very important to our student body and staff for a host of reasons: introducing, teaching, and reinforcing research skills that will be utilized far beyond HS; teaching students responsible consumption of information and media; teaching media literacy and safety; providing access to reading materials to students and staff.”

Mrs. Saliby was welcomed to the librarian position just this week. As she adjusts, she will start thinking about what she wants the library media program to look like. 

Mrs. Brennan, the librarian at the middle school said, “Mrs. Burns was a huge resource for both our students and staff. Her expertise will be missed along with her knowledge of book selection, author information, and community connections. She was an amazing help to me as I transitioned to middle school, I personally will miss working with her.” 

While Salisbury feels gratitude toward Ms. Burns and all she did for Salisbury, everyone is also looking forward to what Mrs. Saliby is going to bring to the table.






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