Vote, Vote, Vote!

By Destynie Lichtenwalner

Salisbury High School’s yearbook staff has been working incredibly hard to develop the winning cover of the 2021-2022 yearbook. 

With 25 staff members, groups of powerful minds were put together to create original ideas for the upcoming design. 

Many great ideas were pitched Nov. 1 and expressed to a small team of judges including Ben Krauss and Chase Watto, in order to select the top three designs. 

Directly from Ben Krauss, editor in chief, Ben stated, “I’m excited for all the good ideas and everyone is working well together. All the groups are building off each other as well and everyone has a purpose. It’s making the final three really strong.”

Ideas and themes ranging from music to future visions, appeal to all students to promote future yearbook sales. 

With final judging and overall votes, the final three new themes and designs were selected: “Remember when…,” “Flying Forward,” and “A Year Like No Other.” 

These three themes will face one another as the student body will be voting for the overall favorite. Friday, Nov. 12 during falcon period via a google form found in an email sent out by Ms. De conde.

Be sure to stay tuned with the voting process as teasers will be posted on Salisbury’s newspaper/yearbook’s social media, @shs.newspaper.yearbook, highlighting each individual theme idea. 







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