Tattoos: Ink Over Views

By: Destynie Lichtenwalner

Tattoos: to many they are a wonderful way to express yourself, but to others they ruin the natural beauty of a person’s body. Let’s talk about the stigmas, the beauty, and every opinion in between!

Both of my parents and many people I know possess tattoos, even multiple. I used to say all the time how I never wanted any because I hated the idea of the reasons why my parents had their tattoos.

I never understood tattoos weren’t meant for a specific reason. As soon as I realized tattoos could be anything I wanted to make them out to be, I was more enlightened at the idea.

Because of this misunderstanding, I wanted to know what others thought of tattoos as well. 

Taken from four different conversations, two sides of the argument, and two completely different perspectives, I was able to piece together an interview questionnaire from two students and two teachers at Salisbury High School. 

Student Grace Spellacy (GS), and teacher Mrs.Neumann (MN) were asked a series of questions as they don’t have any tattoos:

Grace had a strong opinion about tattoos and how they could really represent a person.

Q: What is your first impression of someone with tattoos? Why?

GS: “I feel like they are just really open people, I trust people with tattoos more than those without. They are a great way of expressing personalities and emotions”

Q: Are you for or against them?

GS:“I am for them, because I feel like they are very pretty, your body is a canvas”

Mrs. Neumann, on the other hand, had quite an idea on tattoos  for others. 

Q: What is your first impression of someone with tattoos? Why?

MN: “I don’t have a problem with tattoos, I think they are shocking if someone has a bunch but it doesnt change my ideas of them” 

Q: Are you for or against them?

MN: “I am for them for others, but I would never get one”

In contrast, Salisbury student Izzy Gualano (IG), and math teacher Mr. Ruiz (MR), are proud owners of several tattoos:

Izzy has her mind set on tattoos, so set, she figured out how to give herself a tattoo- or stick and poke if you’d rather. 

Q: What made you decide to get a tattoo? 

IG: “My mom told me no, So I did it myself” 

Q: Did you notice a change after you got a tattoo? How were you treated, etc?

IG: “No, they are kinda hidden, but some people think ill regret them some people enjoy them”

Mr. Ruiz had a strong attitude towards tattoos; having them well thought out was the most concerning to him.

Q: What made you decide to get a tattoo? 

MR: “I was 33 when I got my first so I’ve always wanted to get one, but my mom was always like “they are forever” so I waited so long. 

Q: Did you notice a change after you got a tattoo? How were you treated, etc?

MR: “There definitely is a certain stigma for sure, but most things like piercing and dying your hair comes down to how you present yourself”

It was interesting to hear about how others come to terms with tattoos. I, myself, at 16 years old, have four tattoos and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

My first tattoo, I was watching Criminal Minds (My favorite show) when it clicked. “Wheels up,” a saying said in every episode, has so much meaning to the show and the cast and to myself as a viewer.

About a month or so later I was ecstatic to have gotten “wheels up” tattooed on my wrist. I will forever look down at a constant reminder that there will always be someone there for you no matter the conditions.






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