Getting Ready for Boy’s Basketball

By: Mason Dickert

Basketball players are warming up for their upcoming season. The basketball team is doing conditioning, weightlifting and practice for what is around the corner. This is happening at Salisbury High School in their weight room and outside on the track. These workouts are being led by one of the athletic trainers, Amanda Falcone. 

Boys basketball players have been having two-hour practices which consist of one hour doing basketball practices and one hour of weight lifting in the weight room. Baseball players have also been working in the weight room along with the basketball players to gain some extra strength.

Working out before pre-season can give you some benefits individually and also as a team. Athletic trainer Amanda Falcone said, “Participating in off-season workouts stimulates muscle growth – increasing strength and improving overall fitness and motor patterns. Off-season training allows the athlete to get physically prepared to meet the demands of their season, and also helps improve stability, mobility, speed and agility.” 

Students are very excited to get their season started as there are many great players for our basketball team. This year’s tryouts are going to be tough for the other freshmen because of how many returning players they have. 

Senior Tyson Utesch said, “I am actually very excited for this season. We have a group of guys that have been playing with each other for 10 years, and our chemistry shows. I think we are a very solid team, and I am looking forward to seeing how we perform on a playoff level.”

Hopefully, this upcoming season can return to being somewhat normal. The past season was rough, with the students needing to wear masks the whole game. Athletic director Monica Deeb thinks that it is still too far away from winter sports preseasons to tell if COVID-19 will affect this upcoming season. 






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