Food Shortage at Salisbury High School

By: Valerie Wallace

The current food shortage issue across the country leaves everyone facing challenges, including Salisbury High School. Due to the pandemic, farmers were getting sick and weren’t able to maintain the animals and crops. Farmers were also paid to destroy crops and kill animals since they weren’t requested by markets. Chickens were especially affected by this. 

Salisbury schools are being provided with free lunch and breakfast right now. During the pandemic last year, the Food Service Department served over 100,000 meals to the Salisbury Community. There are currently 880 meals being served per day and the numbers are only increasing.

When discussing the free lunches, Mrs. Borthwick said, “In terms of it being a program to make sure kids get food, I think that’s awesome. I also think it kept a lot of families together during the pandemic.”

However, Director of Child Nutrition, Mr. Correa, explained that Salisbury has had stocking issues with sandwich wraps, individually wrapped cutlery, foil wrap, egg products, and chicken products. “We are also challenged by the cost of goods increasing. Government funded programs, like school breakfast and lunch, are really feeling the pressure of those increases.”

Mrs. Borthwick said, “We’re finally getting a good look at what the supply chain is all about. We used to explain it and students didn’t know what it was, but now we’re feeling it.”

Although times might be hard, everyone needs to remember to approach these challenges with understanding, empathy and compassion for those working hard to secure your needs.






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