Change of Assistant Principal

        By: Mason Dickert       

At Salisbury High School there is a new assistant principal taking the spot. The high school’s former assistant principal is Mr. Muschlitz, who changed to Salisbury High School’s former gym/health teacher Mr. Yurchick. This switch occurred Friday, October 1st. This happened because Salisbury Elementary School added an assistant principal opening and Mr. Muschlitiz is moving to that position.

This change may affect how students, parents, teachers, and incoming students feel about the high school. Principal Mrs. Morningstar said, “I’m sure that many things will be different with the addition of Mr. Yurchick as he and Mr. Muschlitz are different people. There’s always an adjustment period when a new staff member starts, and this will be no exception.”

Mr. Yurchick is not a new face to this school, so this may have affected why he was chosen for a job. Ms. DosSantos says, “The committee thinks Mr. Yurchick brings many great qualities to the role. Some of these qualities include being a good listener and communicator, student-centered, and very committed to helping every student succeed.”

The change for Salisbury High School may be a benefit because students may have liked Mr. Yurchick as a gym teacher, although it may be weird to see him with a suit and tie. Senior Katherine Medina said, “Mr. Yurchick was always seen as a regular laid-back dude in his toe shoes. It’s kind of weird seeing him in such a high position.”

Mr. Yurchick has already been to Salisbury and knows how it runs. Mrs. Morningstar thinks, “however, because Mr. Yurchick used to be a teacher in our district, he is already familiar with our policies / procedures / and school culture, so that may serve to lessen the “learning curve.” This change may refresh students’ minds, and encourage them to be better examples for the upcoming freshman, and others at school games/activities






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