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From Surviving a Year With No Homecoming Game to Reliving the Excitement.

By: Destynie Lichtenwalner

October 22nd, 2021 will be the day to remember as Salisbury High School faces Northern Lehigh for the annual Homecoming football game. 

Many students, coaches, and staff have begun to develop excitement over the biggest event of the school year. “I think as long as it doesn’t get rescheduled we will have a great game. I know the seniors are excited for their last homecoming game,” says Salisbury’s senior student Jersey Gruver. 

Students surround themselves with blue and white apparel to ignite the spirit of the game. Catch up with Reina Escobar’s article, “Spirit Week: Will It Even Happen?”, for more information on themes throughout the week. 

Along with Homecoming, Friday night is also youth night. This provides an opportunity for the SYA young athletes to be a part of such a big school game by wearing and showing off their own sports attire by cheering with the cheerleaders and running with the football players. 

When game day arrives, the student section will grow with popularity as Salisbury students hype up peers and players. “I’m most excited to get everyone in the school out for the game,” states Quinn Wittman, participant of said section. 

“I think the energy is going to be there and we are going to play our hearts out and play as a team,” according to Nick Beck, Quarterback of the team. 

The cheerleaders are already preparing to bring their spirit the night of the game. “I’m looking forward to cheering and for all the energy since there was no homecoming game last year,” cheers Emma Kichline, captain of the cheerleading squad. 

Another hopeful win of a Friday night football game awaits Salisbury high School. Homecoming, October 22nd, mark the date! 







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