Salisbury’s 2021 Homecoming Dance

How will this packed event work with COVID-19 precautions?

By: Haylee Leayman

Photo Credit: Christmas City

This year many people are wondering what the homecoming dance will look like. Will it be inside or outside? Will students have to wear masks? Will there still be a dance? Here is the scoop so far for this year’s homecoming dance at Salisbury.

Senior advisor Mrs. Butterbaugh shared that the homecoming dance will take place on Saturday October 23 from 5:30 to 8:30. Tickets are $20 and will only be sold at the door, cash or check is acceptable. There will be a DJ, food, and dance floor lights. All SHS students are welcome to attend.

With COVID-19 precautions, the dance will be outside on the football field. Since it may be cold, the gym will be open to take breaks inside, but you must be wearing a mask. 

One student said, “I don’t understand why other people are making a big deal about it being outside. I am glad we still get to have a dance at least.”

If any student wants to bring a guest, they must fill out a guest form and submit it by October 21st. Along with the form, they will need a copy of a photo ID.

An Instagram poll of students showed that 27 out of 45 plan to come and 18 out of 45 do not. 

Another student who is unsure of the dance said, “I think it’s gonna be pretty cold. I don’t want to stand outside in the cold for 3 hours.”

One of America’s most beloved public school traditions is the annual homecoming game and dance to celebrate the school and raise students’ school spirit. The first homecoming dates back to 1910. 

Coincidentally, in 1918 the influenza epidemic caused cancellations of homecoming around the country because people could not gather in large groups. Students are very excited this year since they couldn’t have one last year with COVID-19. These precautions will help ensure the safety of the students while also keeping tradition.






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