A Boys Soccer Win for Senior Night

Photo Credit: Monica Deeb

By: Olivia Bowersox

Varsity boys soccer had their senior night on September 30th, to honor their 13 seniors. The game was held on their home field under the lights against Tamaqua with a final score of 4-2. The stands were decorated with balloons, filled with parents of seniors, and with a roaring student section. This night was, “both happy and sad” and “bittersweet to see the boys go.”

One of the coaches of boys soccer, Mr. Frick, explained his feelings on losing the seniors he’s coached and grown to bond with. “For me, it’s a great night, but from a coaching perspective, it’s a little bit bittersweet. For some of those kids, I’ve been with them for six years. That can be kind of tough, but I’m always really happy for them.” 

A freshman varsity starter, Josh Hudak, shared that it will be difficult to see them leave after bonding with the seniors in the years they’ve been here. “A lot of them give me rides, and we had fun decorating their houses for senior night. It’s going to be hard on a lot of us, especially some of the juniors who have known them longer than me.”

One of the senior captains, Nick Amado, talked about his feelings about being a senior and this being his last year. “I’m really sad and happy because I started off as a freshman seeing other seniors doing this. Now it’s senior night, and it’s the last year.” He also included how proud he was of the boys for putting their hearts into this game to win.

With 6 wins and 6 losses, this is a bittersweet year for all of the team including the seniors, coaches, and underclassmen who have bonded with them in their years on the team. The boys have four more games, and Salisbury hopes to continue to see a great season for the boys soccer team and their seniors.







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